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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Broken Modem...

A big apology to my readers out there. My modem was striked by lightning two weeks ago and i haven't have time to fix it. That's why i could only access to the internet through my iphone, and that is why my pictures are small, and my text are limited, and myh response are slow.

a big SORRY to you guys. I shall get my modem fix real soon. But meanwhile, pls bear with me.....


  1. no wonder lak ~The bad modem and make me miss your post so much ^^
    ok lak , I give face to the cute puppy and forgive you lak ^^ hahaha...

  2. LoL, which explains why you were quite distant recently. I thought you have changed your style to "silence is golden" :p Bad modem!