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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parkson Bonus Link Member's Day + Clarins FREEBIE

Got your adrenaline pumping with my CASH VOUCHER WAR post? Don't stop just yet, here's some FREEBIE to be redeemed @ certain participating Parkson Outlet (refer to the attached picture). This time, Clarins is our Santa Marina, giving out complimentary skin consultation and a 2-piece sample.
Girls, the redemption shall be done only from 30th July - 2nd August 2009. HURRY UP!

Watch out for the Cash Voucher WAR

Girls, its cash voucher time! Not sure if you guys noticed, recently there’s a Cosmetics & Fragrances WAR! Major supermarkets are throwing prices, giving out super discounts and recently mouth-watering CASH VOUCHERS! I’ve done a detailed research about which Departmental Store offering cash vouchers of what price. Look below:

1. Isetan

Promotion period: 7th – 8th August 09
Deal: Spend more than RM100 at cosmetics and fragrances section and you shall redeem a RM10 Cash Voucher.
Cash voucher validity: 1 year
Who is entitled? : Isetan Card Members only
Location: All Isetan Outlet
Customer service: 03-2283 1777 (The Gardens), 03-2382 7777 (KLCC), 03-2141 7777 (Lot 10)

2. Metrojaya

Promotion period : 2nd August 09 (one day only)
Deal: Spend more than RM100 at cosmetics and fragrances section and you shall redeem a RM10 Cash Voucher.
Cash voucher validity: 1 month
Who is entitled? : Public
Location: All Metrojaya Outlet
Customer service: 03-2070 1234

3. Jusco

Promotion period : 7th August 09 (one day only)
Deal: Spend more than RM100 at cosmetics and fragrances section and you shall redeem a RM5 Cash Voucher.
Cash voucher validity: No period limit??? (That’s the answer I got from the Jusco operator)
Who is entitled? : Jusco Card Members only
Location: Jusco AU2 Setia Wangsa & Jusco Metro Prima Kepong ONLY
Customer service: 1300 803 535
Note: The Jusco sale is open to public, but the cash voucher is entitled only to members.

4. Parksons

Promotion period : 31st July 09 (one day only) – TOMORROW!
Deal: Spend more than RM100 at cosmetics and fragrances section and you shall redeem a RM20 Cash Voucher.
Cash voucher validity: 1 week
Who is entitled? : Bonus Link Card Member
Location: Parksons Pringin Mall
Sunway Carnival Penang
Parksons The Mall
Alamanda Putrajaya
Klang Parade
Riverside Complex, Kuching
Customer service: 1300 880 828
Note: For other Parkson Outlets, RM10 cash voucher is given instead of RM20. (see above post)

Monday, July 27, 2009

50% of Kate Cosmetics @ Sasa outlet

Girls, Sister brand of Kanebo (a reputable cosmetics/skincare company) -- KATE is offering saliva-drooling promotion with discounts up to 50%. As some of you might still be unaware that KATE is specially designed for Asian girls. You know us, Asian girls, tends to have small eyes (well, not everyone, but many, among us) KATE cosmetics focus in emphasizing the eyes to make them look bigger and brighther.

All-in-all, girls who are trend-setters must try this trendy + quality cosmetic line by Kanebo for a chic & stylish look.

Visit Sasa today for the special promotion (50% off) @:
Mid Valley - 24th - 25th July
Sungei Wang - 31st July - 2nd Aug
1 Utama - 7th - 9th Aug
KLCC - 14 - 16th Aug

p/s: Cut this ad out to redeem Kate Cosmetics FREEBIE

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream SPF 22 PA++ for FREE

Hi there Ladies,
It's time for another EXCHANGE PROGRAME. This time, get the
Neutrogena Fine Fairness Cream SPF 22 PA++ for FREE
Size = 50ml
Worth value = RM 49.90
Simply bring your used / old Whitening Moisturiser 50ml worth RM30.00 and above to the below location:
Location: 1 Utama, Watsons (old wing)
Time : 12pm - 3pm
Date : 25th July 2009

Limited to 50 units per day on first-come-first-served basis (1 per customer). Hurry up!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clinique skincare set Value buy @ RM40

Clinique, one of the leading beauty company providing prestige skincare and cosmetics products is in the limelight again! They’ve set up an eye-catching booth at North Court, Mid Valley Mega Mall (in front of Jusco), offering beauty sets at a very reasonable price, cheap, I would say. Skin care sets offered as below is selling at RM 40 only per set:

1. Dullness solutions (worth RM 135)

- Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer (serum) - 7ml

- Turnaround Instant Facial Masque (mask) – 50ml

- Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer – 15ml

- Light blue cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

(The Superdefense moisturizer comes in 3 types – for Very dry to dry, Dry combination or Oily combination, remember to ask for the one that suits your skin)

2. Blemish solutions (worth RM 105)

- Acne Solution Cleansing Bar for Face & Body – 50g

- Acne Solution Clarifying Lotion – 60ml

- Acne Solution Clearing Moisturizer oil-free – 30ml

- Turquoise blue cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

3. De-aging solutions (worth RM 180)

- Rinse-off foaming cleanser – 30ml

- Repairwear intensive eye cream – 5ml

- Repairwear Contour firming formula – 15ml

- Sweet Pink cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

4. Brightening solutions (worth RM 110)

- Derma White Purifying Bar (soap)

- Derma White Clarifying Lotion

- Derma White Brightening Moisture Cream

- Lavender colour cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

(Brightening set is currently NOT available for this promotion. I rang up the Clinique counter, the sales assistants claim that the stocks will only arrive early August…)

As usual, these products are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. Having very sensitive skin, it’s sad that there’s not much choices of products in the market that can be used without causing irritation, redness or acne outbreak. Quoting from an encyclopedia website, it says that Clinique have a standard protocol of testing their product for allergic reactions by applying it to 600 people 12 times, giving a mean result of zero reactions.

So, to the girls with very sensitive skin, here’s your chance to give your skin the quality treatment that it deserves. Anyhow, till the end of the day, no matter what product you invest in, all you want to see is – results! Clinique, having such good reputation with sensitive skin, this is definitely a economical promotion that you SHOULD NOT miss! (worth both $$$ and quality).

According to the sales assistant, each customer is allowed to buy only two sets. So, I grabbed the “De-aging solutions” for my mom and “Dullness solutions” for myself. Happy shopping, ladies :) (Promotion ends this coming Sunday 26th July)

Bobbi Brown COMPLIMENTARY Make-over OR Eye brow trim

Ladies, Have you redeemed Bobbi Brown's newest creation - Cleansing oil from their counter? If you have done so, bravo! Here's another goodie you can receive.
Bobbi Brown is giving out complimentary Make-over service (worth RM 180) and a eye brow trimming service (worth RM 50). Simply visit this website below:

(Pictures taken from

It's a treasure hunt which you're required to click on those many bubbles on the screen, and if you're lucky, you'll get the make-over service which is more worth it. If you got the service that you don't prefer, simply refresh the page and try again. When you've got the service you want, submit the result, pick your location and Bobbi Brown will send you a sms to your phone as an e-voucher. Remember to flash them that sms when you redeem your complimentary service. (one redemption per customer only) Promotion Last til 31st July 2009.

I've got myself a make-over service at Mid Valley two days ago (sorry for not blogging about this earlier). The make-up professional gave me a natural, nude look and i love it. Go try out yourselves and arrange a date after that to show off the professional make-over :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bobbi Brown's New Kid on the Block - FREE SAMPLE

We all know that Bobbi Brown are famous with cosmetics that highlight woman’s beauty in the most natural way. After the launch of their bronzing series, Bobbi Brown had just launched their new Cleansing Oil of its own, designed to suit all skin type. The product is marketed to removes makeup and impurities, and cleanses skin while maintaining natural moisture levels, leaving skin super clean, soothed and calm.

How will it fare compare to Shu Uemura’s ever-famous cleansing oil, I wonder… Well, I have not tried Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil (just yet). So, here goes my review for Bobbi Brown’s new baby.

The oil feels light, non-oily, not greasy. Application to my face was easy as the oil was light-weighted. I did as the sales assistant directed me to, massage oil using dry hands over dry face for 20 seconds, and then emulsify with some water. The bubbled emulsified oil felt great as I was cleansing. After rinsing off with water… Boy, this cleansing oil is really something, it takes off my tough creme eye liner along with my tough tinted sun screen, without requiring of 2nd time cleansing. It didn’t leave on any residue or film on my skin, instead, it left a nice lavender-ish smell.

What more could you ask, when this oil doesn't contain mineral oil that have tendencies to clog pores. This oil contains Jojoba oil and Olive oil, both targeted to dissolve make-up while retain skin's moisture. Additionally, ginger root had been added to soothe and calm skin leaving a nice after-feeling.

Think you’ll like this product? Here’s your chance to give it a try!

Bobbbi Brown is generously giving out FREE sample of their new Cleasing Oil.

Simply log on to and register yourself, then redeem the cute miniature bottle from Bobbi Brown counter on your preference.

(Pictures taken from
Promotion ends on 31st July, so HURRY UP girls!

TIPS on using Cleansing Oil: The amount of oil per use is important. Too little oil will make dry your skin, giving the "tight" feeling, especially for those who have dry/sensitive skin. Too much oil will create a barrier between your palms and face, reducing the massage pressure on your face, hence not able to reach dirt in pores and cleanse thoroughly.
Ideal amount will be about 5 to 6 pumps of Bobbi Brown's Cleansing oil per use.

Clinique Deluxe Sample absolutely FREE

Girls, get beautiful skin at the count of 1, 2, 3. That's how simple it is the selling point of Clinique skincare. As a loyal clinique skincare user (er... loyal by the means of loving their product, meanwhile, still own a few product from other brands :p), i have to promote a lil on their basic 3-step skincare system.

Their skincare is made to custom-fit each and every type of skin. The ever-helpful Clinique professionals/sales assistants will basically ask you a few questions regarding your skin, your preference and your expectation which would then help them determine your skin type and individualize a combination of skincare products best suited for your skin.

Next, when your basic skincare is determined, they'll help treat your other skin problems e.g. blemish skin, aging skin, enlarged pores etc. Having a vast range of products targeted to treat different skin problem, Clinique professionals assure every customer's skin problem will be well taken care of. I just love their hospitality and quality services they provide! Here comes the JUICY PART, i bump over the Malaysian Clinique website and found out that their giving out 3-step skincare DELUXE SAMPLE (15ml each) ABSOLUTELY FREE (Lasted 3.5 weeks for me ;p) Meaning, you'll get about two weeks supply of their basic skincare product to try out the full effect on your skin
1 bottle of liquid soap (extra mild, mild or oily)
1 bottle of clarifying lotion [toner] (No. 1, 2, 3 or 4)
1 bottle of moisturizer (Lotion or Gel)

Simply log on to and register yourself. or Click HERE for direct link

Boy, i tell you, you'll never look at other products again! I used to have severly dehydrated skin with oil T-zone. In short, I have the most frustrating combination skin! Most cleansers made my skin feel "tight" after using, and most moisturizers are too oily for my skin but not moisturizing enough due to the dehydrated part. All these problems were solved once i met Clinique. So girls, i strongly you guys to give Clinique a try! GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lancome Sun screen PROMO

Gals, check this out. Lancome is doing some sun screen exchange promotion. Apparently if you bring your old or empty sun block (face) bottle to any Lancome counter, they would exchange it with a brand new Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield SPF 50 worth RM55 for FREE. The condition is that your old bottle shall worth RM100 or more (But the sales assistant aren't that strict, so you can ignore the value)

Quote from Lancome website:

"UV & pollution sensibly worsen skin damage, this environmental stress causes hyperpigmentation and premature skin ageing. To fight back, LANCÔME creates its new-generation daily protection to actively defend your skin cells against UV rays & Pollution. Ideally protected and lastingly hydrated, skin is preserved from spots & freckles, its inner future beauty is maintained. The more you protect, the more fair skin blossoms. Also available in SPF 30"

"The potent Mexoryl ® filtering system protects skin against UV rays for 12 hours and help prevent skin from UVA-UVB induced dark stubborn spots. Enriched with the NeuroShield™ System, the formula forms an invisible shield to help protect skin from damage due to pollution and other environmental stress"

Today, i approached the Lancome counter in Mid Valley Mega Mall, handed over my half-filled sunblock... sob sob i still have half left to be used... But still, i chose to sacrifice it and here's what i've got in return:
1st hand on experience: not so greasy, as it is more liquified unlike the previous product, and the texture is good to feel. It does not irritate my skin as not much sebum production as what i used to experience last time.

Final words: it worths a try, at least my RM100 sunblock but further experiment is yet required

So Girls, approach the nearest Lancome counter with your already abandoned sun block and redeem this precious baby! Promotion while stocks last! HURRY!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My 1st post!

Hi guys and gals! This will be my portal to express my beauty concern / product reviews etc. I aim to provide sneak previews about beauty products, giving more information about the products and share my beauty knowledge. Phew! Utter job!

1st off, Being a hardcore Clinique user, i've to share this -- BEAUTY grabs worth RM10,000 from Clinique!

Just log on to, register yourself and take the 3-step contest.

The 1st contest, its a 5-questions quiz. This is piece of cake for regular Cinique users.

TIPS for those who don't know much about clinique product, no problem ladies, just pick your answers at random. You might get the answers wrong @ 1st try, but you can choose to NOT post your contest entry at the end. Hence, you have a chance to jot down the questions, then search the Clinique website for correct answers.

The 2nd contest is fun - namingly SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Simply click on the spot to identify the differences. HINT: There's 5 different spot, which is easy. The catch is, to find them @ fastest time. (Time limit = 2 minutes, but you smart gals only need less than a quarter of that)

Wee-hoo~~~ U got them @ 2.07 seconds~~~~

3rd contest: "unscramble the words". One magic word is given, and you are supposed to form more words using the alphabets of that magic word, with minimum of 3 characters per word.
On 1st try, i only got 42 out of 50 correct. GRRrrrr, guess i need my english lit teacher after all. Girls you wanna get some JUICY HINT from me? *grin*

The magic word would either be "dramatically" or "moisturizer". That would make your life easier. Go go girls!