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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bobbi Brown new Fall collection Palettes 2009

Girls, updating you with Bobbi Brown new Fall 2009 Collection Palettes

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Acne-Killing secret weapon - Ettusais

Ever wake up in the morning and find a BIG zit on your face? Worse, it's your presentation day!!?! Wel, ever since i've found my secret weapon, this morning-after trauma doesn't happen to me anymore, er.... or maybe less frequently.

Night time comes, i double-cleanse my face, tone, apply serum, moisturizer etc, then as i pullout my secret weapon, my boyfriend starts his nagging session... "Powder again??? Morning i see you applying powder, noon time re-apply powder, night time now, another powder??? We're not going out, are we?" Well, you heard him, my secret weapon is indeed, a powder to be applied at night!
Ta Daa~~~ The award-winning, ever famous in Japan --- Ettusais Night Time Defense Powder is my secret weapon! How it works?

"A medicated skincare powder that protects your skin from pimples and roughness all night long. The ultra fine powder particles lock moisture in the skin's keratin layer while smoothening out rough skin. Greet each day with fresh and oh-so-smooth skin!"

The powder is white in colour just like your talc powder for body. It is ultra fine and soft. After application, my face instanty feel smooth and refreshed, regardless of how many creams/serum i've applied before that. This baby-smooth-skin last until the next morning when i wake up. You know how drying it could be, sleeping in an air-cond room. This powder answers my problem to that as it also locks moisture in your skin.

Besides, it also absorbs excess oil and sebum produce during sleep to help prevent pimple outbreak. Don't need to worry about pore-clogging issues as the powder is oil-free, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

I can now sleep with baby smooth skin, and wake up to a non-greasy, fresh face :)
p/s: Ettusais Night Time Defense powder - Price = RM 90, available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Isetan Lot 10

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christian Dior Christmas Party @ Isetan KLCC (Christmas Look)

Ta Daa~~ It's a little early to mention about Chirtmas isn't it? Not too early for Dior. Dior organised a mini Christmas Party @ Isetan KLCC yesterday, 24th October 2009. And i was invited as a guest :) Stated time was at 10:30am. I reached on time to find a small crowd at the Dior Beauty Counter and i head on over to register myself. Bevarages and finger food catered from San Francisco Coffee Restaurant were served as refreshment. Most of the invited guests were checking out the Dior Chirtmas Look collections, while some are trying the cosmetics on the spot through demo by the Dior sales ladies. Camera flashes was seen here and there, maybe bloggers too?

At around 11am (roughly), the party officially started with the pretty emcee giving the opening speech. Then came the hands on demonstration by Dior Professional Artist using the latest Christmas Look cosmetics.

Q & A session

Christian Dior 5-Colours Iridescent Eyeshadow RM189:
(1) 169 Purple Crystal
(2) 089 Smoky Crystal

Christian Dior Cristal Boreal Eyeshadow RM99:
(1) 012 Silver Gem
(2) 152 Purple Gem

The demonstration was simple and straight to the point but definitely informative. How i wish i have his marvelous makeup skill. I guess, practice makes perfect! At the end of the session, invited guests were all given a doorgift each. And here's what i've got: Dior HydraLife basic skincare set, perfect for my dehydrated skin! I might write a review when after i try this out, wait patiently, girls :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dior Cristal Boreal Lip Gloss Pendant - MUST HAVE!

What not to be missed? It's of course the Dior 2009 lengendary jewel design

"Cristal Boreal Lip Gloss Pendant".

It is a dazzling piece of pendant embedded with 52 fine pieces of the famour Swarovski Crystals, including 4 pieces of Aurore Boreale crystals - reflecting an iridescent gloss effect of pink shade *Bling Bling*

Good news is, it's available in Isetan KLCC now. Selling at a price of RM220 per pendant. Not too expensive i would say, for a quality piece of jewelry, yet not cheap either!!! But girl like me wouldn't say no to such beauty, isnt it? Upon slidding the pendant apart, reveals the high shimmer lipgloss, which is available in two colours - pink or silver. Guess what? I bought both of them :p

One for myself, one for my mommy (special request for the sales lady to wrap them up)

Additional promotion: I purchased the two of the RM200 voucher, fully redeemable against the Pendant and got myeslf two complimentary Potrait Illustration using Pencil which is valid only from 19th - 25th October 09 at Isetan KLCC.

Well, Nope, i'm not gonna post my potrait up here :p But if you do purchase the voucher, look for one of the two artist named Genesis Lau. Excellent art work he created, made my eyes sparkle and all open-ed up. He gave me his namecard too:

Front and back of Genesis Lau's name card

Oh, not forgeting the complimentary perfume miniature given to me with the purchase of the Pendants :) Totally love Jadore!

Lastly, I got myself the complimentary Hydra Action skincare set with purchase of RM600 and above. Aaahhhh~~~ What an enjoyable week :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend haul - STILA at cheap price

What's the best thing to do on a lazy Sunday? SHOPPING of course!!! Great-bargain-radar activated:

Location: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Date : 15 Oct - 19 Oct

Time : 10am - 10pm

What good deals to look out for? STILA cosmetics of course!!!

So glad i walked inside the hall this morning :) Stila cosmetics were packed in sealed clear plastic bags, each bag contains at least 5 items ranging from eye liner, eye shadow, smudge pots, lip stick, lip gloss, lip glaze to angel white foundation refill, compact foundation casing, push-up blushers, liquid foundation, stick foundation, liquid concealer, stick concealer etc etc.

Each bag selling at RM96.... That was yesterday's price. It's selling at RM59 each bag now!!
It's good deal i know, but i only grabbed one bag for my own use as the foundation/concealers are all the leftovers darker shades and i had a hard time trying to peek through the plastic bag to look for the expiry date. Well, here's my STILA haul:

Stila Rouge Pots, Cheek mousse, colour = Sweet Pea (Normal price RM90)

Stila Lip Shimmer, IT Gloss, colour = smashing (Normal price RM90)

Stila Perfecting Concealer, shade k (Normal price = RM80)

Stila Lip Shimmer, IT Gloss, colour = Humorous (Normal price RM90)

Stila Glitter eye liner (Normal price = RM65)

Try out Origins Free mini facial

Origins has launched its own-styled promotion to increase awareness about their products. Now, public can enjoy a complimentary skin consultation + a FREE mini 20-minute facial + Take home samples to use! Click here to link to Origins website. Or just step in any Origins store today, location and contact numbers as shown below:

(Choice of mini-facials available)

(Outlets available)

(Original price of the facials)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

B-liv skincare at 30% off in SASA

Ladies, check this promotion out. Currently SASA is having promotion on b-liv skincare products by cellnique, offering discount at 30% off. It's rare to get a discount for this brand, and i do think it's a great opportunity to grab their star product:

B-liv "off with those heads" pro sebum gel"
Targeted skin type: Oily or prone to black heads/white heads

Function : Remove blackheads & whiteheads without going through traumatic extraction
Provide Oil Control
Minimise future whiteheads and etc

Main ingidients:

1. Tea Tree Oil
I'm sure these 3 magic words are no stranger to you as it is popular in working magic on acnes.

2. Witch Hazel Extract
This ingidient helps in oil control, reducing excess oil secretion and hence helps in minimizing open pore.

3. Aloe Vera Extract
Ever experience a cut on your external skin, having your grandma putting raw aloe vera on the cut? Yes? Then your grandma had foundt the secret remedy as aloe vera is proven in promoting wound healing, soothing your acnes. Additionally, aloe vera also have soothing and moisturizing properties, leaving your skin smooth and supple.

My personal experience:

This "off with those heads" sebum gel works wonders on my blackhead-full-nose. It's a clear liquid which is supposed to apply on targeted area, meaning blackhead/whitehead/acne prone areas. I only applied it on my nose, twice a day after my toner. Two weeks with this ritual practice, my blackheads are significantly lighthen. It didnt disappear 100% though, but its helps in preventing further blackheads, as i don't see them coming after i use the gel.

My judgement:

Totally recommended to those with stubborn blackhead prone skin! Grab it now since its 30% off. (normal price is RM139).

Promotion period: until 18th October only
Promotion location: All SASA outlet

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FREE beauty products to try out in Mid Valley on 14-Oct-09

Heard of ZO, StriVectin-SD, Hylexin, REN, tanda, Zelens and Perricone MD?
Well, they are the new beauty brands brought in by Metrojaya.
As an introductory, there're offering free skin consultation + Free skin care sample for you to take home and try.
Just print the below voucher for redemption
Location: Metrojaya Mid Valley Megamall
Date: 14th October 2009
Call this number: 03-228293156 or 03-22820153 to make an appointment!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bobbi Brown Event - Complimentary Foundation sample perfectly for you

This is a sneak preview of Bobbi Brown's top rated foundation. Keep a close eye on those quality foundation, as Bobbi Brown is giving out complimentary foundation sample, professionaly picked to suit your skin.

From Bobbi Brown's October newsletter: Pop into any Bobbi Brown counter/stores and leave the rest to Bobbi Brown's Professional Makeup Artists. (Don't forget to redeem the FREE foundation sample at the end of the 5 minutes session :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Clinique eye cream worth RM45 for FREE!

Have you gotten a little dizzy with all these freebies? Well, HERE'S MORE!! Clinique is offering a custom-fit eye cream, 5ml worth RM45!!!

Click HERE to register yourself, an e-voucher will be sent to your mobile phone, which you have to present it upon redemption at location as shown in the picture above.

Monday, October 5, 2009

TRI-AKTILINE 5ml sample for FREE!

Heard of this miracle anti-wrinkle filler? The advertisement of products of this brands have been hitting pages of magazines such as CLEO, The Women's Weekly, Female, Cosmopolitan etc. Booths of Tri-aktiline had been set up in hot areas like Mid Valley and at Guardian Outlets. It never hit me that this is a product worth to invest.

My 1st experience with Tri-aktiline was just yesterday. I was roaming around in 1 Utama, Ground Floor, Old wing. As i approach the information counter, i was stopped by a lady, who politely ask if i would like to try their anti-wrinkle product. I was like, What the heck?? I don't have wrinkle problems ok! As when i'm about to reject her, i saw their booth, combination of bright purple and yellow with bold black titles saying TRI-AKTILINE. Hmm.... thats the product which i was always curious with. So, what the hell, let's give it a try.

She did a mini-facial thing, removing my foundation, cleansing abit, and then apply on their eye cream "Eyliplex-2" which meant to tightens eye areas while reducing dark circles (neither a problem of mine ;p), then continued with the anti-wrinkle filler "TRI-AKTILINE" in a tapping motion on my smile-lines. Lastly, she applied their serum on my face "SMOOTH-365" which i forgotten what it is for ;p

Result on "Eyliplex-2":

Can't comment much on the "Eyliplex-2" on efficacy, just that the cream texture is a little thicker than my usual eye cream.

Result on "TRI-AKTILINE":

Almost imediately my smile lines are reduced, as promised :) I can compare the difference before and after, as the sales lady only apply the creams on right-half of my face. She told me that this wrinkle filler can be applied to crows feet at the eyes or forehead. She explained that this product is water-based, hence it would not cause oil seed nor clog pores.

Result on "SMOOTH-365":

Although i forgot what miracle will this serum do. I'm gonna buy it after i finish my current serum, as this SMOOTH-365 serum left my skin oh-so-smooth even after 3 hours. I got addicted in touching my own face once in a while as it became baby-skin-smooth. My target now is to do more research on this product to see if it's useful/suitable for me.

Anyhow, after the mini-facial thingy, the sales lady gave me a FREE 5ml TRI-AKTILINE to try on. Yippee! More freebies for myself :) Will do a review later on, when i start using it haha

The roadshow is in 1 Utama, ground floor, Old wing, Opposite the information counter.

Roadshow period aka free 5ml TRI-AKTILINE period ends on this Sunday 11th October.

2nd promotion - Buy two SMOOTH-365 serum and get the same serum worth RM60 for free. (Price for 50ml = RM165)