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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Best deal from Elianto

When it comes to cosmetic product it is always important to choose a product that not only benefits y0ur skin but does not in the other way harm or sensitive your skin. Many of us the bright consumer learn/ know that 1 of the way to choose a suitable facial product is go by its name, formula, or PRICE( the more expensive means the better as it has better formula).

Elianto is not something stranger to Malaysian beauty anymore as it has been in Malaysia over 4 years, and now everywhere it can be seen.
Elianto is a korean-malaysian based beauty company that its products range from head to toe such as eye shadow, mascara, lipgloss, body lotion- you name it they have it. Most importantly most of the products are made in KOREA as we know that koreans are renowned for their skin fairness and flawlessness and same to the reason why korean beauty products gain popularity in Asia recently, such as Arab Saudi, India, UAE, Philippine, Indonesia.

You may visit them at

What caught my attention is that not only Elianto is a product from Korea it is reasonably affordable and suitable for malaysian society. The price of the product ranges from RM10-50.
Recently i just bought a makeup remover (Cystal bright, with minerals and hydrating) which is only RM49, lip liner RM10,

Crystal bright by Elianto used for face, lip, eye remover

One of the reason i bought the makeup remover is that not only it removes the makeup on the face but also the eye, and lip. The sale person told me that it even can be used to remove dirt on our face- that can saves lotta time in removing make up after work + its price is economical, compared to cleansing oils like Shu Eumura. Besdes, it has a nice scent too.

First time use on the remover: its oil-based and it can significantly remove water-proof makeup, naming mascara and it also helps to hydrate my skin, making me feel fresh. I can feel the immediate relief on my skin once the makeup is being removed, no tight-skin-pulling feeling. However, this thing is greasy and felt as though your skin has been coated with a layer of oil. Thus, immediate cleansing with your regular cleanser is needed after use.
The lip liner is just ordinary, not something to brag about. But whats important is that it blends well with my lip color- of cos this varies with different skin texture and color. Unfortunately Elianto does not have a variety of color to choose, which is something they should look into. Maybe because they are made in Korea where people of their country are fairer. The lip liner comes in: pitch pink, sand pink, deep red, purple, oak brown, nude.

Lip liner pencil by Elianto. color:nude

Good news if you would like to try Elianto as they are now offering a good deal in courtesy of Elianto 4th anniversay. The offer includes buy3 free 1 or 10-30% discount on selected item, and a RM 1 ringgit deal as below
Hurry gals!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BB cream craze - Dr. G or BRTC?

Gosh, i had been busy working over time, my skin condition is at it’s worst! Skin is dry, dehydrated, dull and fine lines appearing!!! Got me thinking of trying out BB (Blemish Balm) creams that are oh-so-hot now. And since my Lancome neuroshield sun block is finishing, I’m considering whether should I get a sun block by itself + a separate BB cream for light coverage, or to get a BB cream with SPF properties.

Hmm… So what’s in my mind? Due to the Korean craze of BB cream that had infected Malaysian, we were introduced with so many brands/types of BB cream. Naming the famous ones, Dr. G, BRTC, Dr. Jart Silver, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Ettude House, Skin79, L’egere and the list goes on. After some intensive research, friend’s recommendation, intensive survey plus cruel elimination, I’ve came down to only Dr. G and BRTC to choose from.

Saturday, 22-Aug-09

Dr. G Brigthening Balm SPF 30 PA++ (BB cream)

Size = 60ml
Price = RM95
Available at = Sasa outlets

From the net “contains hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients, each of these unique formulations works on a cellular level to help face skin achieve and maintain a clearer, healthier look. It contains Sun Protection Filter 30 PA++, ideal as a daily makeup base or sun block. Used alone or as a makeup base before foundation.”

Due to unavailability of samples, I went all the way to Sasa, Midvalley at 10am with my bare face to try out Dr. G BB cream. Colour wise, it looked grayish, slightly darker than other tinted sunblock. However, after applying it on my face, patiently waited for 5 minutes, the cream fully sinks into my skin, amazingly blended well with my skin tone giving me a natural look. My gal friend who has very fair skin tone, tried it on as well, but the colour was a lil dark for her. Not too good for very fair girls.

Coverage wise, its only medium, slightly better than tinted moisturizer. Acne scars / blemishes are slightly difficult to hide with this cream, managed to cover it after 3rd layer of application, and then it started to look cakey. To counter this problem, stick with one thin layer of BB cream, followed by adding on some concealer on needed area. Poof! I looked radiant and fresh! After the BB cream, I dabbed on my Ettusais Day Amulet loose powder to control shine. I went shopping the whole day with my gal friend, had coffee at dome (outdoor), and my face still looks dewy and fresh. Oil control is goodie-good! There’s less shine on my T-zone area compared to if I’m using my usual sunblock + foundation. I’m thrilled!

Until evening, I only had to blot my face with tissue paper, reapply a thin layer of Dr. G BB cream + loose powder, and off I go again. I guess I’ve found myself a substitute to my liquid foundation :) Reached home, did my routine double cleansing (both Clinique), and I don’t find any pore-clogging issue. To proof that, I had a good night sleep, woke up, eagerly checking my face, and found no-spots, no eeky pimple popping up. YAY, I’ve found my Mr. right!!

Sunday, 23-Aug-09

To complete my mission, I woke up early and off I go again, this time, to 1 Utama with my lazy boyfriend. He was dragged out of the bed this morning, grumbled the whole morning, but in the end, still accompanied me there. *muaks* Ok, back to business, I head towards Watsons’s to hunt for:

BRTC Protect Multiplex Balm SPF 20 PA++ BB Cream

Size = 50ml
Price = RM 130.90
Available at = Watsons

This BB cream claims to be for all skin type. How does it feel / look? Texture wise, it’s like a thick paste, thicker than Dr. G’s. Colour wise, grayish, similar to Dr. G but with pink undertone, looks dark, but lighter than Dr. G. It absorbs quickly into my skin, but it left a pinkish tone which didnt look so natural on my skin. Though thick and pasty, surprisingly this cream gave me a more radiant look compared to Dr. G, most possibly due to the pink undertone. It should be a nice colour on not-so-yellow-skin.

Disregarding its thick texture, it gave fantastic oil control! It’s great news to girls out there with acne-prone skin. And what’s more, no clogging of pores, no pimple out-break when the cream was applied or after the cream was removed.

So what’s my justice???
The things I do not like about this BRTC Protect Multiplex Balm SPF 20 PA++ BB Cream:

  1. It’s slightly-too-thick-texture. Too creamy I felt.

  2. colour oxidizes into a darker colour which it did not happen when I was using Dr. G’s BB cream.

  3. SPF indicator (20++) is lower than Dr. G’s (30++)

  4. Price wise, not such a big issue, but good to point out that BRTC (RM130.90) is more expensive to Dr. G (RM95)

  5. BRTC's pink undertone brough radiance but look fake on me :(

What’s my conclusion then??? Definitely going for Dr. G Brightening Balm SPF 30 PA++ BB Cream!!! I’m sorry BRTC, I know you have great products like the super-famous Whitening & Wrinkle Repair Cream. Just that it doesn’t contain SPF protection… Since I’m hunting for cream with sunblock properties, I did not put BRTC Whitening & Wrinkle Repair Cream into consideration. Might blog about it some day…

Monday, August 24, 2009

My best choice for my youth skin

Aging, a mechanism that everyone will never escape it. The least we can do is to slow down the progress mainly by applying serum solution. There are plenty of serum available in the market and each of them claim to be the best out of the rest. Here, I would like to share with you my experience with the serum solution.

Recently i was doing shopping for serum solution with my best friend at XXX. We were introduced by different beauticians for different facial serums for the following skin condition

1) Dehydration skin due to prolonged air-conditioner exposure

2) Skin pigmentation, sign of aging

3) Combination skin

The facial serum products introduced are:

1) Biotherm- Age fitness power 2- RM 163

2) Clarins-HydraQuench intensive serum bi-phase (50mL)RM 250

3) Estee Lauder- Advanced night repair (50mL) RM290

After deep consideration plus the survey that my best friend has done prior to the shopping, i have choosen Esteen Lauder out of the rest simply of the following reason:

Biotherm-Age fitness power 2
Advantage:Formulated to prevent or reduce sign of aging eg. wrinkles and fine line only.
Weakness:Does not combat dehydration but mild moisturization as it presents in lotion form
Bottom line: If you are looking for something to fight the sign of aging, this is product shall be 1 of your options

Clarins-HydraQuench intensive serum bi-phase
Advantage: Specially made to revitalize dry skin and intensively repair skin damage due to environmental stress. Can be used with other product
Weakness: Not-so-attractive appearance.

Estee Lauder- Advanced night repair
Advantage: Special formulation to combat aging skin by deep penetration to repair and to prevent damage skin cell. It also helps to moisturize skin and prevent further dehydration
Weakness: Can not be used with other product by different brand
Bottom line: If you think serum solution is expensive the you should get this, as you'll get what you pay for. Trust me coz' i like it very much

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ettusais Beauty Workshop, i'm so gonna go!

Ladies, glad to bring you the info that Ettusais (the sister company of Shiseido) will be holding a beauty workshop:
Location : Isetan Lot 10
Date : 29th Aug - 31st Aug
Customer service : 03-2148 5941
(yea, its written until 1st september. I rang them up, but teh sales assistants said due to poor response on the 1st of september, they had to cancel the session on that day. However, if there's more customers calling in to book the workshop on 1st september, they will open up that day's slot again.)

Deal: Purchase the RM90 voucher, which is fully deemable, and recieve the below:
1. Skin care & make up coaching
2. Refreshment
3. Door gift - eyezone tinted colour (something like an eye concealer + essence) worth RM81

For those of you who doesn't know much about Ettusais, let me five you a brief introduction.
Ettusais choices of product are limited compared to big brands like Estee Lauder, Shiseido etc. However, they do provide skincare targeted for acne prone skin, eye treatment for those with eye bags or dark circle, pore care, whitening care, basic make up regimens and cosmetics. They even have a "medicated" loose powder for those who has oily skin. Now, you can control your acne outbreaks with make up benefits! Click HERE for more info.

I love them for being simple and straight to the point. Hmm... guess i should do a product review on the Zero pore coat, Zero pore mask and Day Amulet Powder later on. Till then, see you in one of those workshops!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Anna Sui Complimentary Giveaway (Isetan card members)

Here i am again, bringing good news to Isetan Members!From Now until 27 Aug 09, 1st 50 Isetan Members will be rewarded with:

1. Make up consultation (by appointment)
2. Complimentary doorgift worth RM80

Location: Exclusively in Isetan KLCC
Anna Sui Isetan KLCC: 03-2161 1761

For your info, the slots for the make up consultation starts from 17th until 27 aug. Within this period, there'll be 4 classes everyday, 11am, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. Each session only entitles 3 Isetan members, stictly no more than that. It's 1st come 1st served basis, so you have to ring them up FAST to book your slot. The classes will alo start sharply according to your appointment, so, be punctual ladies.
p/s: 7pm classes for most of the days are fully booked. 5pm is selling fast, 3pm still available.

Hence, off i went, my appointment was at 5pm together with 2 other Isetan members. We were served by a cute sales assistant in her cute doll-like uniform, she had us sitted in a table with 4 chairs right behind the Anna Sui Counter. Patiently she explained the purposes of primer, liquid foundation, ways to put on eye shadow etc. She picked the colours suitable for my skin and i was her model for that evening. It's sort of like i had a free make-over using one of my favourite product. Yay, i was so happy. Overall, i was satisfied with that sales lady too, she was professional, good in product knowledge and ever-helpful =) Which marks down a good impression for me towards Anna Sui.

And then, comes the exciting part. At the end of the consultation, she gave us each our doorgift.
A halved-sized mascara YIPPEE, some samples (primers, pore treatment gel) and WHAT??? and old fashion camera??? It's cute, inevitably, but..... err..... anyone know where can i buy films? Err..... are they still on production? Hmm......

Sothys Buy 1 Free 1 Facial voucher

CLOSED - Voucher given with purchase to Sparkling Intan
Eyeing on this Buy 1 Free 1 facial treatment coupon? Easy, i'm rewarding my buyer from my blog. With any purchase, i shall post this coupon together with your items.

Details: The Powder room is located at B-1-20, Pelangi Square, Pusat Perdagangan Pelangi, Pelangi Damansara, PJU 6, Persiaran Surian, 47800, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The Powder room offer variety choices of facial treatments from basic facial, facial targeting oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin type, facial target to solve problems e.g. dehydrated skin, loss od firmess or solve wrikle problems etc.

Generally, the basic facial cost around RM100.

Others more specific facial treatments target to treat, range from RM180 - RM260.

Premium facial treatment, carrying the title "Secrets de Sothys" cost RM460.

For more details, kindly click HERE to link to their website

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mentholatum face sheet mask on promotion

Mentholatum face sheet mask - promotional pack -- buy 1 get 1 FREE
Location : All guardian outlets
Period : 13th - 16th aug (4 days only)
Deal : Buy 1 box of Mentholatum face sheet mask (2 sheets per box), get another box for free!
Total cost is RM13.90 for 4 sheets, which means its only RM3.50 per sheet! GREAT DEAL!
(available in two choices - Deepsea moisturizing or After Sun, both good for hydration, just tried them out yesterday :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Mac for FREE

McDonald's is offering FREE Big Mac when you make a Mc Delivery order with purchase of RM30 or more. Click HERE to download the McDelivery coupons.

Estee Lauder Mascara - Review & for Sale

Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara. Bought this during Estee Lauder Staff Sale and I’m maniac enough to rush to the counter, try it on, and write a review about it. It comes in a lovely chucky plush tube in royal blue colour with fancy gold finishing that oozes out style and class. The size is just right where it sits in your hand well giving you the feel of quality & luxury. Definitely an eye-catching item when you gracefully fling it out from your purse. Looking inside, the wand is small, with spiral brushes that seemed widespread, not clogging up. So far so good.

On application, it glides over lashes smoothly with minimal clumping. The effect I saw: Thick, voluminous and longer lashes. It managed to separate my lashes, define them better and create the lengthy sexy lashes. My advice, one coating is enough to keep it subtle for normal days/ office look.

TIP #1: If you wish to add more drama, you MUST wait for the first layer to dry off before applying the 2nd layer. By doing that, you’ll avoiding clumping the lashes making them look messy and trashy. I was wearing glasses that day when I tried this mascara out. Even through my thick glasses, my eyes stood out with the lashes nicely defined. The effect is better than Estee Lauder’s Illusionist mascara which I’m now using.

TIP #2: To make sure you turn heads for a night outing, use a lash primer, using quick strokes in zig-zag motion from the base of your lashes and work your way up, outwards. Then apply the MagnaScopic Maxium Volume Mascara to create the lash extension look without actually wearing a falsey :-D

The mascara stayed on without smearing for at least 8 hours. After that, it started to smear a little. Removal of the mascara was not a problem too since I’m using Shu Eumura’s super cleansing oil. :) Definitely recommend it. Click here if you wanna know more.

Retail price is RM 85, i'm letting mine go (unopened, with box) at the price of RM 47

Same old style, leave me a message in my email if you wanna order.
*Prices shown above excludes postage fee

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunsilk Roadshow - Complimentary Hair styling & more

Organised by Guardian Pharmacy, there'll be a Sunsilk Roadshow:
Location : 1 Utama Shopping Centre, LG Floor, Highstreet
Date : 12th aug - 16th aug 09
Time : 10am - 10 pm

Deal: Purchase RM35 of Sunsilk products and get a Free --
(i) Hair Wash
(ii) and Hair Styling
(iii) and Photo Shoot
For more info, visit
or call up Guardian 1 Utama, new wing 03-7728 3362
or cilck on this link

Monday, August 10, 2009

Complimentary Fragrance vial or KOSE mask @ the curve

Hmm... i guess all words are said in the flyer below:

So, get yourself running again =)

Clinique RM40 Derma White set - selling like hot cakes

Ladies, rush to the nearest Clinique counter as the RM 110 Derma White set which is selling at RM 40 now is available! According to the Clinique Counter sales assitant, derma white range suits only dry combination skin or dry skin... (remember it wasn't available when they were selling the other Anti-aging, anti-blemish and anti-dullness set? Click here to get a flash back of what was available.

Answering to the request from a few readers of my blog, here, i did a reserach on where can you girls can still grab the Derma White set. Grab them fast as they're selling like hot cakes!
Jusco Mid Valley -- SOLD OUT!!!
Isetan Mid Valley -- SOLD OUT!!!
Metrojaya Mid Valley - Stock yet to arrive, try calling 03-22848416 for enquiries...
Pavillion -- Stock yet to arrive, try calling 03-214 3622 three days later.
Isetan KLCC -- about 10 sets available
Isetan Lot 10 -- about 8 sets
KL Sogo -- about 10 sets available
Jusco Taman Maluri - only ONE left
Jusco Wangsa Maju -- no reply... try calling them at 03-41434090
Subang Parade Parkson -- Anti-Blemish set still available!! Together with derma white set
1 Utama Jusco -- there's about 10 sets available
1 Utama U parkson -- no reply... try calling them at 03-77275088
Sunway Pyramid -- SOLD OUT!!!
It's hunting time, girls!

Estee Lauder anti-cellulite gel on SALE

Who would like to see dimpled-skin, orange-like skin on our pretty little perky butts??? Sad to say, cellulite appears on places like buttocks and thighs REGARDLESS of age or body size. Even skinny model gets cellulite. That's why we need those precious anti-cellulite gel. Here i introduce this anti-cellulite gel from Estee Lauder -- which has clinical data showing a significant visible slimming effect around the thighs of up to 1 inch in just four weeks (click here).

Got this anti-cellulite gel from the same EL staff sale, which the price tag is still attached (see below picture). Since, i'm still using clarins's anti-cellulite gel, i'm letting this go at the

Price at RM 80 (retail price is RM 150 each).

Reviewed by the Total Beauty editorial team = 7.5

"This blue gel does a pretty good job of reducing the look of cellulite. The caffeine-rich Brazilian guarana seeds and Chinese black tea did seem to release "trapped fluid" (thighs looked tighter within an hour after application). It gets points for fat-burning conjugated linoleic acid and collagen-boosting peptides -- both can offer cumulative effects. But apply twice daily? Not with that medicinal smell. Oh, and the "thermogenic" cooling effect is great on a hot day but killer during cold winters."

Well what's your review? Guess you've gotta try this out. and RM 80 is darn cheap!!! Contact me through email at ya, awaiting to hear from you :)

*Prices shown above excludes postage fee

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cold Storage Stock Clearance

Check out Cold Storage's stock clearance, enjoy discounts up to 90%!

Location : Cold Storage at The Summit, Subang USJ
Period : 1st - 15st August 09
Deal : Discount up to 90% including imported brands

Customer service: 03-8023 2267
or visit for more info.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Earn extra 100 Bonus Link points

Bonuslink is going green! And they're benefiting their memebers with 100 Bonus Link Points if you susbribe to Bonus link e-statement. Just click here for more info or log on to