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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(Updated) La Senza at 50% off store wide!!! One day only 9-Feb-10

Minimal damge from La Senza ONE DAY ONLY 50% sale:

From the whole shop, i managed to choose only 3 bras, as most are out of sizes :( boo hoo hoo
Below is what i bought *ssshhhhh*
With the original price of RM387, i only paid for RM193.70 :-D

Ladies you can not believe this!!! I've JUST recieved a sms from La Senza, quoting:

"LA SENZA: 1 Day ONLY - 9th Feb 2010! Purchase 9 items or more at 50% off!"

I've called up 1 Utama and KLCC outlets to confirm. The sales is applicable ONE day only, open to public. The terms & condition is pretty simple, to entitled 50% discount, you've to purchase at least 9 items from La Senza. So hurry up and gather up your friends and family for a booby-goody shopping trip!

However, there's a small section of items that are not applicable to this 50% discount, the sales lady herself isn't sure due to the late email info from their superior. But according to her, the "small section" includes those seemless bra, lacey leggings which they usually hang behind their counter. In addition, she confirms that ALL of pyjamas, panties are on 50% discount.

Plus, La Senza card member's additional 10% discount & privillege vouchers are NOT APPLICABLE for this sales. *sob* But i think the 50% sales are worth it, since you're able to try all the sizes before purchasing.

If you like to know more, get the number of the outlet of your choice from the store locator list i've attached below:



  1. *stares at post*


    *rubs eyes*


    *stares at post again*


    AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WUT WUT WUT?! IT'S TOMORROW!! *checks wallet* phew...glad I got my paycheck today....BUT BUT BUT STILL!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! I NEED A *whispers* bra.... XD

    Eh eh, is this promotion available in Subang Parade? Lazy to drive la....or or maybe Sunway Pyramid! O.o oh goooosh....9 items....let's see....4 and a half panties and 4 and a half bras? O.o oh wait wait....does this mean if we buy at least 9 items....ALL 9 ITEMS ARE APPLICATBLE TO 50% DISCOUNTS?!

    *shakes beauty guru* oioi!! tomorrow got day off? we go we go! XD

    Geez....the torture shopping malls put us through....T___T *sees paycheck fly away*....oh's for the future of my boobs T__T

  2. Gosh, the discount offered is very good! I shall gather my colleagues to go together. Each one buy one pair of bras + a panty, we can easily gather 9 items! 50% off is too good to miss!

  3. muz gather at least 9 pcs~~~>< hard lar~
    but it's vry good news lar~ tmr wil go n see mid valley branch^^

    i had spread this news in my blog too, credit from u~

  4. GRIN on my face. I came home today with 3 sets of La Senza lingerie. It was REALLY a good bargain! Thanks beauty

  5. HeH HeH HeH me myself came back with 3 bras. Not too bad, seeing that i've bought two pairs from xixili last week. *satisfied*

    How bad was you girls' damage??

  6. @Zoe: Dear girl, i cant seem to view your blog...