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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nail parlour @ Metrojaya, Mid Valley

Chinese New Year is around the corner, if you've noticed, hair saloons and nail parlours are pretty much all booked by everyone, seeing that everyone is rushing for a make over right before the new Tiger year. How irritating is it? When you yourself also wanna look pretty during CNY. Not to mention the sudden increased "special rate" solely due to CNY.....

Well, look no further, as your pedicure + manicure can be done at this alternative place -- Metrojaya, Mid Valley. Below, i've attached the list of services offered by them, alsongside with the price:

For more information, you can ring up Metrojaya, Mid Valley @ 03 - 2283 3002 .


  1. this woman is evil...ok let's see...I need a pair of jeans (NEED! all my jeans are hand me downs and are too big for me), I need a pair of flats (I only have a pair of asadi slippers, 1 pair of black school shoes and 1 pair of wedges), and my feet need a makeover...

    Eh eh...the prices aren't bad eh? I've never had a mai or pedi before but just curious...these rates ARE considered cheap right? =P

  2. *look left* *look right* Who's the evil woman, i'll be cautious around her :p

    I have yet to try their services out. The prices is quite standard. Try and look out for pedi + mani packages, some offers at RM55 for both. Give your feet a rest and pamper yourself with pedicure after a long shopping spree :)

  3. ahh so these are standard but the list does not have packages....I'll try to check out Subang Parade (Sunway Pyramid needs a bus which comes at inconsistent times of the day and I'm too scared to drive there T__T) =P

  4. Don't try during CNY season, you'll be charged extra. That's what happened to me boo hoo hoo, each nail art, they increased from RM3 to RM5, RM5 to RM8 :(

  5. LOL! you told me too late XD I got a price increase too! But mine wasn't bad. I got an express pedicure at RM 23.00 in total. And I got 2 of my large toenails drawn with an extra RM 10 to add in - RM 33 in total, other 8 toenails were made pretty DIY with my nail stickers. This is the first time I've done an express so I'll say it's not bad. Even with the price increase, it was quite cheap for an outlet in Sunway Pyramid. I remember my friend wanted to do manicures for both her thumbs and they charged her RM 15 per nail...I was like "man your fingers are worth gold now!" XD

    But for an experience, it wasn't bad I guess. Since I can't do manicures cause I touch food during Sundays for catering. I'll jsut show off my pretty toenails with my flip flops!

    Still I guess RM 33 isn't bad....right? O.o

  6. Ever think of the Nail Shop in Subang Parade?
    I did there during CNY and it was very well. While doing the manicure, I can can choice to watch movie.