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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Product review - Firming Body Creme by Estee Lauder (on sale too)

[Updated 02-09-2009 -- Estee Lauder Firming cream left ONE bottle only]
Alrighty, it's product review time. Got this goodie from Estee Lauder staff sale in July - Estee Lauder Firming Body Creme from the Body Performance range. Estee Lauder Firming range? This may raise your eye brow a lil, as we don't hear Estee Lauder promoting much about their body product in Malaysia. Well, as it's not so popular in Asian country, the Estee Lauder Firming range is well known in the UK. What the heck, just give it a try, since they're selling much cheaper than the retail price. Anyway, it was love at 1st sight with the colour of the bottle - calming turqoise sea blue, which made up my mind ;p

Anyway, i tried it out last week, dumping my Cocoa Butter Firming Cream aside. As usual, i did an intensive scrub during shower to remove the dead skin cells which will then ease absorbtion of whatever i put on later on. Upon application, i dipped my fingers into the jar. The cream was soft and fluffy, creme-gel in texture. It has a nice smell, which wasn't heavy like some of Lancome products. Application to body was easy, as it was fluffy and light, with no greasy feeling after that. I did not instantly felt the up-lift effect, but it did left my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. I've been religiously using this product for 5 days now, although my butt did not magically lifted but the cream helped a lot on my flaky dry skin due to long exposure to air-cond. With the cream, i always wake up feeling my skin silky and moisturized. The scent lasted till morning as well :) Click Here for Manufacturer info.

As you know, firming products need at least 4 weeks to show visible effectiveness, i can't wait till 4 weeks later, to see my desired part of body up Up UP! Meanwhile, i'm sticking to this Firming cream for the nice scent and moisturizing effect. I've incorporated the Givenchy Spa Massage Technique while applying my Estee Lauder Firming Body Creme. Click HERE to learn how.

I bought extras from the sale and i'm letting go two bottles. Pictures shown as below.

Price at RM90 (retail price is RM180 baby)

Definitely a good deal as Firming creams of lower range brand e.g. Cocoa Butter.......
Do email me at if you're interested ya.
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  1. Hi Beauty guru guru, thanks for the product review. This cream sounds promising and i like the packaging too. Maybe i would consider this after i finish my Nivea firming gel-cream which already cost me RM65. By the way, love your blog, will continue following