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Monday, September 14, 2009

Estee Lauder High gloss

Wishing your lip color looks more brillant ? or hoping that they do not remind you of the Sahara desert(dry and dull). Well girl your wish is not far away and it's just ringgits away (hehe....)

Everyone will like the high gloss series by Estee Lauder at the 1st try as it is moisturising and not sticky. What's more it comes with the benefit to conditioner your lips up to hours. Do not forget also the demand by ladies, the high gloss is designed to plump up your lips. Basically I would to say it worths the money and your choice.

1. Pearl - baby ballerina pink with gold sparkle

2. Amethyst - Soft satin purple with gold sparkle

3. Flamingo - Berry orange with gold sparkle

Estee Lauder high gloss Ultra Brillance(15mL) : 1. Pearl, 2. Flamingo, 3. Amethyst
Selling only at RM 4o * (retail price:RM65) Discount 39%

pay only RM70* for 2 purchase,or
pay only RM100* for 3 purchase

* not inclusive of the postage fee/charge

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message us at the chatbox for further enquiry/purchase

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