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Monday, September 7, 2009

Clinique giving FREE samples - Liquid foundation & men skincare

Enjoying your 3-step Deluxe skincare sample from Clinique last month? Well, good news ladies, Clinique is generously giving out FREE samples again. This time, try out their well-know liquid foundation, personalized to suit your skin. Click HERE to link to the website.

Simply fill in your details e.g. Name, IC, Mobile no. & email add, an sms will be sent to your mobile in as an e-voucher, which you will need to present it upon redemption.

For those who has oily skin and wants full coverage, I strongly recommend you guys to try out Clinique's "Super Fit Makeup" liquid foundation as it provides great coverage + excellent oil control. Even after 8 hours, my skin still remain porcelain-like :) But some may complain that it looks too "thick".

For those who wants to achieve natural look, you can try out "Perfectly Real" as it gives a natural glow. If you're confused of what suits you, don't worry girls, there's always the friendly Clinique Sales assistants to help you customise one liquid foundation which suits you best. That's what i like about Clinique :) So girls, go grab your FREEBIE now!

And when you do so, remember to redeem some goodie for you men here:

Well, i think i'm gonna skip the latter redemption, since my guy is utter lazy-bum-bum when comes to skincare (-_-"). Guys just gotta realise the importance of skincare especially since we're in a metrosexual era now... Good luck in persuading your man, ladies :)


  1. yeah, thanks a lot for the freebies tips

  2. Hi, 1st of all, thanks beauty guru guru! The sales assitant recommended the derma white liquid foundation for me instead of the super fit. Happily using it now

  3. Hi beauty, good news, now anyone can go to any Clinique counter and get 7 days free supply of liquid foundation even without registering online. They put up an advertisement at every Clinique counter. Anyone can just take from them!

  4. Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing this info. I went to Sunway Pyramid and as you said, they're doing a promotion, just step in, the sales assistant will choose a suitable liquid foundation and supply you a free 7-day trial sample. Aren't Clinique just too sweet:)