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Monday, November 30, 2009

Montagne Jeunesse Masque - Fudge Sauna (review)

I guess Montagne Jeunesse had made themselves noticeable in Guardian Pharmacy Stores with their colourful and fun-like packaging. Last month, Guardian was having a promotion, buy one Montagne Jeunesse face masque, get the 2nd one at 50% off. I bought a pair for myself, one of it is "FUDGE SAUNA, Hot vanilla", and i'm gonna write a review about this mask.

I chose Fudge Sauna because i have been lazy with exfoliation, and my blackheads are visible. This mask is meant open pores and deeply cleanses pores, just the right mask i needed. Once opened, the sweet fragrant of Toffee candy arised. "Mmmm Yummy...." I was thinking to myself. The texture is thick and creamy, as though you're holding some thick mud. It has a light beige colour which reminds me of latte with too much milk :p

The moment i apply the mask on my face, i felt the warm sensation, which speedily turns increased to HOT! The super heat lasted for 2 seconds, which then cooled down to slightly warm. *phew*. You're supposed to leave the mask on for 10 minutes. At the 5th minute, i see the mask starts to melt. At 8th minute, i can see my pores opening, which means it is working in cleansing my pores, good for me :-D

After the 10th minute, i washed my face with water, and my face was left with a after-sauna flush due to the warming sensation. I didn't feel my skin softer nor smoother, but my pores are all opened and blackhead removed! To test the result, i gently squeeze my nose, the blackhead areas, and no oil/seed came out.

The VERDICT - My pores are deeply cleansed!

Will i buy it again? Boy, YES!

A packet of 15g = RM5.90, lasted me 3 times of usage.

Grab your chance, as Guardian is offering Montagne Jeunesse Exclusive Christmas Pack Masque. Pay RM 16.88 instead of RM 23.60 for 4 pieces of mask: (save RM6.72)
#1 Fudge Sauna
#2 Fruit Smoothie
#3 Strawberry Souffle
#4 Blemish Mud

And also 3 Pore Strips @ RM 7.88


  1. LOL! I SPOT MORE PRODUCTS TO REVIEW NOW!...After SPM that is... hehe... =P

  2. HI beauty guru guru, this is a good review. This has been on my wishlist for some time already. I'll go guardian and check the promo pack out later

  3. Thanks Mac n Cheese, i have one more review to come under this same brand. Do check out :)

    @Teenager: It's after SPM now, go go get it and tell me more :)