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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunway Pyramid offering beauty treats

Christmas is coming soon, you know it because you can feel the spirit of giving. Sunway Pyramid is treating their customers with discounts and free samples through this booklet of coupons. With the title of the booklet "Simple Indulgence in Beauty", Sunway Pyramid offers pages of discounts and value buy as shown in pictures below. The booklet is free and widely available in Sunway Pyramid. All you have to do is spot the Booklet stand and grab a copy. I've spotted one stand on the way out from TGV cinema, another stand at Lower Ground Old Wing, restaurant area, next to the escalator.

Offer valids from 4th November until 31st December 2009

List of participating outlets and it's location

Terms & Conditions:

The cut out copouns:


  1. RM 55 for pedicure and manicure in JJ nail studio is quite worth it. I wonder if the price includes nail art

  2. right right! So when I get the booklet after SPM I'll go for the hmm....which one? The skin food one...and and and...the body bar one...and and....ahhh excitement!! and now while SPMers are studying their brains off...people are going shopping! XD

  3. @Lizzie: I do agree, RM55 for both pedi & mani is quite worth it. Rang them up, this price doesn't include nail art. JJ nail studio is charging additional RM3 onwards per nail art.

    @Teenager: you've got more reason now to complete your SPM and get flying colours so that you can shop till you drop with the reward of cash from your parents!!!

  4. I know I know [well I HOPE they give me cash rewards XD]! =O You're awesome! =P I'll treat you to uh...marshmallows when I'm done with SPM! =D

  5. LoL! Hope your wish comes true! All the merrier for the Christmas season :-D