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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tanda - Light Treatment Device

Recently Metrojaya have been introducing varieties of new brands of skincare to us. Now, they've brough in TANDA, the light therapy system which treats two skin condition - blemishes and aging skin.

Apparently TANDA have got FDA approval as a safe instrument in treating blemishes and aging skin. The next question is, what exactly TANDA is? It is a revolutionary technology which uses Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and emits controlled level of light to skin. It is a hand held device, with two changeable head namely the Blue light treatment and the Red light treatment, both used for different treatment.

The Blue light is used to target blemished skin by reducing and preventing acne outbreaks; whereas the Red light is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give the improves the appearance of skin.

I've googled the internet and found the instructions of using TANDA:
1. TURN IT ON: Slide the Tanda Clear or Tanda Regenerate light module on to the handheld device and turn it on.

2. APPLY: Gently place the device in contact with clean dry skin, directly over the area to be treated. The Tanda Professional treatment heads have a unique triangular-shaped design to easily and effectively apply treatments to your entire face.

3. TREAT: Sensors in Tanda Professional automatically switch on the Tanda Clear blue light or Tanda Regenerate red light, delivering a precisely timed application of bacteria-killing blue light or collagen-stimulating red light. (It will automatically shut off after the 3-minute dose has been delivered.) Repeat on other areas of your face, until you have covered all blemished or problem areas. It's that easy.

Well, altough LED treatment in skincare is new to most of us, TANDA is actually not the only company which uses the LED as a skin treatment. There are other devices e.g. Baby Quasar and Lightstim. Anyhow, these devices are not cheap.
If you're interested, print out the above newsletter and recieve a Tanada Light treatment experience. Do call up TANDA @ Metrojaya, Mid Valley @ 03 - 2282 0153 for more info.

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  1. I heard of this kind of light treatment. It cost few hundred aussie dolors. Very expensive treatment but effective towards stubborn acne