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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Clinique Deluxe Sample absolutely FREE

Girls, get beautiful skin at the count of 1, 2, 3. That's how simple it is the selling point of Clinique skincare. As a loyal clinique skincare user (er... loyal by the means of loving their product, meanwhile, still own a few product from other brands :p), i have to promote a lil on their basic 3-step skincare system.

Their skincare is made to custom-fit each and every type of skin. The ever-helpful Clinique professionals/sales assistants will basically ask you a few questions regarding your skin, your preference and your expectation which would then help them determine your skin type and individualize a combination of skincare products best suited for your skin.

Next, when your basic skincare is determined, they'll help treat your other skin problems e.g. blemish skin, aging skin, enlarged pores etc. Having a vast range of products targeted to treat different skin problem, Clinique professionals assure every customer's skin problem will be well taken care of. I just love their hospitality and quality services they provide! Here comes the JUICY PART, i bump over the Malaysian Clinique website and found out that their giving out 3-step skincare DELUXE SAMPLE (15ml each) ABSOLUTELY FREE (Lasted 3.5 weeks for me ;p) Meaning, you'll get about two weeks supply of their basic skincare product to try out the full effect on your skin
1 bottle of liquid soap (extra mild, mild or oily)
1 bottle of clarifying lotion [toner] (No. 1, 2, 3 or 4)
1 bottle of moisturizer (Lotion or Gel)

Simply log on to and register yourself. or Click HERE for direct link

Boy, i tell you, you'll never look at other products again! I used to have severly dehydrated skin with oil T-zone. In short, I have the most frustrating combination skin! Most cleansers made my skin feel "tight" after using, and most moisturizers are too oily for my skin but not moisturizing enough due to the dehydrated part. All these problems were solved once i met Clinique. So girls, i strongly you guys to give Clinique a try! GOOD LUCK!

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