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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clinique skincare set Value buy @ RM40

Clinique, one of the leading beauty company providing prestige skincare and cosmetics products is in the limelight again! They’ve set up an eye-catching booth at North Court, Mid Valley Mega Mall (in front of Jusco), offering beauty sets at a very reasonable price, cheap, I would say. Skin care sets offered as below is selling at RM 40 only per set:

1. Dullness solutions (worth RM 135)

- Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer (serum) - 7ml

- Turnaround Instant Facial Masque (mask) – 50ml

- Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer – 15ml

- Light blue cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

(The Superdefense moisturizer comes in 3 types – for Very dry to dry, Dry combination or Oily combination, remember to ask for the one that suits your skin)

2. Blemish solutions (worth RM 105)

- Acne Solution Cleansing Bar for Face & Body – 50g

- Acne Solution Clarifying Lotion – 60ml

- Acne Solution Clearing Moisturizer oil-free – 30ml

- Turquoise blue cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

3. De-aging solutions (worth RM 180)

- Rinse-off foaming cleanser – 30ml

- Repairwear intensive eye cream – 5ml

- Repairwear Contour firming formula – 15ml

- Sweet Pink cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

4. Brightening solutions (worth RM 110)

- Derma White Purifying Bar (soap)

- Derma White Clarifying Lotion

- Derma White Brightening Moisture Cream

- Lavender colour cosmetic zipped pouch, clothed material

(Brightening set is currently NOT available for this promotion. I rang up the Clinique counter, the sales assistants claim that the stocks will only arrive early August…)

As usual, these products are allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. Having very sensitive skin, it’s sad that there’s not much choices of products in the market that can be used without causing irritation, redness or acne outbreak. Quoting from an encyclopedia website, it says that Clinique have a standard protocol of testing their product for allergic reactions by applying it to 600 people 12 times, giving a mean result of zero reactions.

So, to the girls with very sensitive skin, here’s your chance to give your skin the quality treatment that it deserves. Anyhow, till the end of the day, no matter what product you invest in, all you want to see is – results! Clinique, having such good reputation with sensitive skin, this is definitely a economical promotion that you SHOULD NOT miss! (worth both $$$ and quality).

According to the sales assistant, each customer is allowed to buy only two sets. So, I grabbed the “De-aging solutions” for my mom and “Dullness solutions” for myself. Happy shopping, ladies :) (Promotion ends this coming Sunday 26th July)


  1. Hi beauty, Thanks for sharing the juicy info. I ran over to MV for the De-aging set. Definitely worth the value, pay RM40 for something worth RM180? TOo bad they only allow 2 sets per customer

  2. Hi Peasize it's great that u like it, cos clinique anticipates overwhelming response from the public.

    There will be more juicy news coming up soon.

  3. too bad i just received the news today.. =(

    but luckily they send a card to me so im still able to purchase 1 set with the card... going to crab the whitening set soon~ yippy~

  4. Girls, RUSH TO 1 utama Jusco Clinique counter RIGHT AWAY!!! as the Derma White set stock just arrived, but only 10 sets. Out of stock in Mid Valley Jusco. So hurry up!

    But bad news for other sets, its basically out od stock in whole Malaysia... Quick grab the derma white set when you still can!