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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My 1st post!

Hi guys and gals! This will be my portal to express my beauty concern / product reviews etc. I aim to provide sneak previews about beauty products, giving more information about the products and share my beauty knowledge. Phew! Utter job!

1st off, Being a hardcore Clinique user, i've to share this -- BEAUTY grabs worth RM10,000 from Clinique!

Just log on to, register yourself and take the 3-step contest.

The 1st contest, its a 5-questions quiz. This is piece of cake for regular Cinique users.

TIPS for those who don't know much about clinique product, no problem ladies, just pick your answers at random. You might get the answers wrong @ 1st try, but you can choose to NOT post your contest entry at the end. Hence, you have a chance to jot down the questions, then search the Clinique website for correct answers.

The 2nd contest is fun - namingly SPOT THE DIFFERENCE. Simply click on the spot to identify the differences. HINT: There's 5 different spot, which is easy. The catch is, to find them @ fastest time. (Time limit = 2 minutes, but you smart gals only need less than a quarter of that)

Wee-hoo~~~ U got them @ 2.07 seconds~~~~

3rd contest: "unscramble the words". One magic word is given, and you are supposed to form more words using the alphabets of that magic word, with minimum of 3 characters per word.
On 1st try, i only got 42 out of 50 correct. GRRrrrr, guess i need my english lit teacher after all. Girls you wanna get some JUICY HINT from me? *grin*

The magic word would either be "dramatically" or "moisturizer". That would make your life easier. Go go girls!

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