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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bobbi Brown's New Kid on the Block - FREE SAMPLE

We all know that Bobbi Brown are famous with cosmetics that highlight woman’s beauty in the most natural way. After the launch of their bronzing series, Bobbi Brown had just launched their new Cleansing Oil of its own, designed to suit all skin type. The product is marketed to removes makeup and impurities, and cleanses skin while maintaining natural moisture levels, leaving skin super clean, soothed and calm.

How will it fare compare to Shu Uemura’s ever-famous cleansing oil, I wonder… Well, I have not tried Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil (just yet). So, here goes my review for Bobbi Brown’s new baby.

The oil feels light, non-oily, not greasy. Application to my face was easy as the oil was light-weighted. I did as the sales assistant directed me to, massage oil using dry hands over dry face for 20 seconds, and then emulsify with some water. The bubbled emulsified oil felt great as I was cleansing. After rinsing off with water… Boy, this cleansing oil is really something, it takes off my tough creme eye liner along with my tough tinted sun screen, without requiring of 2nd time cleansing. It didn’t leave on any residue or film on my skin, instead, it left a nice lavender-ish smell.

What more could you ask, when this oil doesn't contain mineral oil that have tendencies to clog pores. This oil contains Jojoba oil and Olive oil, both targeted to dissolve make-up while retain skin's moisture. Additionally, ginger root had been added to soothe and calm skin leaving a nice after-feeling.

Think you’ll like this product? Here’s your chance to give it a try!

Bobbbi Brown is generously giving out FREE sample of their new Cleasing Oil.

Simply log on to and register yourself, then redeem the cute miniature bottle from Bobbi Brown counter on your preference.

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Promotion ends on 31st July, so HURRY UP girls!

TIPS on using Cleansing Oil: The amount of oil per use is important. Too little oil will make dry your skin, giving the "tight" feeling, especially for those who have dry/sensitive skin. Too much oil will create a barrier between your palms and face, reducing the massage pressure on your face, hence not able to reach dirt in pores and cleanse thoroughly.
Ideal amount will be about 5 to 6 pumps of Bobbi Brown's Cleansing oil per use.

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