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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BB cream craze - Dr. G or BRTC?

Gosh, i had been busy working over time, my skin condition is at it’s worst! Skin is dry, dehydrated, dull and fine lines appearing!!! Got me thinking of trying out BB (Blemish Balm) creams that are oh-so-hot now. And since my Lancome neuroshield sun block is finishing, I’m considering whether should I get a sun block by itself + a separate BB cream for light coverage, or to get a BB cream with SPF properties.

Hmm… So what’s in my mind? Due to the Korean craze of BB cream that had infected Malaysian, we were introduced with so many brands/types of BB cream. Naming the famous ones, Dr. G, BRTC, Dr. Jart Silver, Skin Food, The Face Shop, Ettude House, Skin79, L’egere and the list goes on. After some intensive research, friend’s recommendation, intensive survey plus cruel elimination, I’ve came down to only Dr. G and BRTC to choose from.

Saturday, 22-Aug-09

Dr. G Brigthening Balm SPF 30 PA++ (BB cream)

Size = 60ml
Price = RM95
Available at = Sasa outlets

From the net “contains hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients, each of these unique formulations works on a cellular level to help face skin achieve and maintain a clearer, healthier look. It contains Sun Protection Filter 30 PA++, ideal as a daily makeup base or sun block. Used alone or as a makeup base before foundation.”

Due to unavailability of samples, I went all the way to Sasa, Midvalley at 10am with my bare face to try out Dr. G BB cream. Colour wise, it looked grayish, slightly darker than other tinted sunblock. However, after applying it on my face, patiently waited for 5 minutes, the cream fully sinks into my skin, amazingly blended well with my skin tone giving me a natural look. My gal friend who has very fair skin tone, tried it on as well, but the colour was a lil dark for her. Not too good for very fair girls.

Coverage wise, its only medium, slightly better than tinted moisturizer. Acne scars / blemishes are slightly difficult to hide with this cream, managed to cover it after 3rd layer of application, and then it started to look cakey. To counter this problem, stick with one thin layer of BB cream, followed by adding on some concealer on needed area. Poof! I looked radiant and fresh! After the BB cream, I dabbed on my Ettusais Day Amulet loose powder to control shine. I went shopping the whole day with my gal friend, had coffee at dome (outdoor), and my face still looks dewy and fresh. Oil control is goodie-good! There’s less shine on my T-zone area compared to if I’m using my usual sunblock + foundation. I’m thrilled!

Until evening, I only had to blot my face with tissue paper, reapply a thin layer of Dr. G BB cream + loose powder, and off I go again. I guess I’ve found myself a substitute to my liquid foundation :) Reached home, did my routine double cleansing (both Clinique), and I don’t find any pore-clogging issue. To proof that, I had a good night sleep, woke up, eagerly checking my face, and found no-spots, no eeky pimple popping up. YAY, I’ve found my Mr. right!!

Sunday, 23-Aug-09

To complete my mission, I woke up early and off I go again, this time, to 1 Utama with my lazy boyfriend. He was dragged out of the bed this morning, grumbled the whole morning, but in the end, still accompanied me there. *muaks* Ok, back to business, I head towards Watsons’s to hunt for:

BRTC Protect Multiplex Balm SPF 20 PA++ BB Cream

Size = 50ml
Price = RM 130.90
Available at = Watsons

This BB cream claims to be for all skin type. How does it feel / look? Texture wise, it’s like a thick paste, thicker than Dr. G’s. Colour wise, grayish, similar to Dr. G but with pink undertone, looks dark, but lighter than Dr. G. It absorbs quickly into my skin, but it left a pinkish tone which didnt look so natural on my skin. Though thick and pasty, surprisingly this cream gave me a more radiant look compared to Dr. G, most possibly due to the pink undertone. It should be a nice colour on not-so-yellow-skin.

Disregarding its thick texture, it gave fantastic oil control! It’s great news to girls out there with acne-prone skin. And what’s more, no clogging of pores, no pimple out-break when the cream was applied or after the cream was removed.

So what’s my justice???
The things I do not like about this BRTC Protect Multiplex Balm SPF 20 PA++ BB Cream:

  1. It’s slightly-too-thick-texture. Too creamy I felt.

  2. colour oxidizes into a darker colour which it did not happen when I was using Dr. G’s BB cream.

  3. SPF indicator (20++) is lower than Dr. G’s (30++)

  4. Price wise, not such a big issue, but good to point out that BRTC (RM130.90) is more expensive to Dr. G (RM95)

  5. BRTC's pink undertone brough radiance but look fake on me :(

What’s my conclusion then??? Definitely going for Dr. G Brightening Balm SPF 30 PA++ BB Cream!!! I’m sorry BRTC, I know you have great products like the super-famous Whitening & Wrinkle Repair Cream. Just that it doesn’t contain SPF protection… Since I’m hunting for cream with sunblock properties, I did not put BRTC Whitening & Wrinkle Repair Cream into consideration. Might blog about it some day…


  1. I have been using Dr G BB cream i bought from sasa for two weeks liao. True it is very convenient bcos i can skip moisturizing and sun block step, and my skin looks smoother, but i feel my skin dry up after using Dr G, but still going to continue use bcos expensive hehe

  2. What does BRTC stands for? and where to get?

  3. Dear gg, BB creams claim to be a substitute to moisturizing and sunblock, however, if use by its own, it can be quite drying to our face. Hence, it's not recommended to skip your daily moisturizer when using BB cream. Sales ladies from SASA itself gave me this tip.

    Do try going back to your daily routine, cleanse-tone-moisturizer-BB and you shall see the difference :)

  4. Dear Anonymous person ;p
    BRTC stands for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics, it's a Korean brand. Recently available in Malaysia through Watsons only (so far)

    Dr. G is also a name-in-short for Gowoonsesang, many might not know. Currently available in SASA only (Do tell me if you happen to find it somewhere else :)

  5. I'm using BRTC, somehow i have no problem with the pink undertone, because of my fair skin. The color look nice on me, thats what my friends say. However, double cleansing is a must every night or else, unsightly zits will appear overnight.

  6. Very true, ur regular foam or milk cleanser is not sufficient to remove tough materials like sunblock or BB cream. To ensure total removal of impurities or makeup, use a make up remover prior to your regular cleanser (double cleanse). That way, you'll prevent clogged pores which will result in acne breakouts.

  7. if we use cleansing oil, did i need to make a double cleasing too?
    thanks 4 d info

  8. Double cleansing means cleansing your skin using two types of cleanser, 1.make up remover, 2.your regular cleanser. Cleansing oil is a type of make up remover, meant to removes impurities and makeup, hence, it is the 1st step for your double cleansing process.

    After cleansing oil, you shall proceed to 2nd step, which is your regular cleansing foam/milk/lotion depending on your skintype.

    I always practice double cleansing technique even if i don't wear make up because during the day, we're ought to expose to dirt and dust that'll stuck in our pores. They may hide deep in your pores, which regular cleansers couldn't reach. I rely on my cleansing oil to ensure super clean face, pimple-free morning :)

    Hope this info helps, Honey B :)

  9. is Sasa still selling the Dr G's BB cream for rm95 now?

  10. Yeap, happened to step in to SASA last night, and this Dr. G BB cream is still priced RM95. Dunno about today though... Shouldn't have much changes i guess :)

  11. Dear Beauty Guru,
    BRTC is available in all Watson outlets in KL or just some areas cause The Mines,Alamanda and 101 Mall are the nearest malls for me as I'm staying in LimKokWing's off-campus hostel in Cyberjaya.

  12. Thanks for sharing, Joy Chuah. Watsons do carry a few choices of BRTC like the Whitening & wrinkle repair, gold caviar, Glossy, protect multiplex and a few which i cant recall.

    Do share with me on the product if you're using it :)

  13. Is this effective to protect my face to sun? i like this so interesting product love to try this.


  14. yup, I'm using one of Dr.G's too... the 2p Blemish Base with SOF 35 PA++.. so far so good, it had not broken me out... Lovin it so much... Coverage is great too.. FYI, I got lots of quite dark acne scars scattered around the cheek... Definitely recommend this one.. Got mine at Sasa, RM95.. Here's the image of it...,G,DR,YOUNG,2P,Blemish,Base,SPF35,PA,,60ml,,139215.php?prod=139215....=)

  15. @Carol_Lyn: Loving it isn't it?
    By the way, Dr. Young is a product under Dr. G, more suitable for young skin which is on the oily side. Price for 60ml is same as the Dr. G Hydra Intensive BB Cream.

    Plus, now there's a 30ml version Dr. Young BB cream selling @ Sasa now, price = RM49, which is pretty reasonable. Ladies out there who are considering to buy, you can try the smaller tube 1st :)

  16. Hi Beauty Guru,
    After reading your review of BB cream I'm thinking of getting Dr.G Brightening Balm, but I can't find it on Sasa website. They do have Dr.G Dr. Young 2P Blemish Base and Dr.G Hydra Intensive BB cream though.

    I'm Malaysian living in Australia currently. The only way to buy Dr.G is through Sasa's website.

    What's the difference between Dr.G Brightening Balm and Dr.G Hydra Intensive Balm?

    Thank you very much :)

  17. Hi Beauty Guru,
    After reading your review of BB cream I'm thinking of getting Dr.G Brightening Balm, but I can't find it on Sasa website. They do have Dr.G Dr. Young 2P Blemish Base and Dr.G Hydra Intensive BB cream though.

    I'm Malaysian living in Australia currently. The only way to buy Dr.G is through Sasa's website.

    What's the difference between Dr.G Brightening Balm and Dr.G Hydra Intensive Balm?

    Thank you very much :)

  18. Hello, I also got my Dr G hydra-intensive BB cream from sasa's website. I have yellow skin tone, slightly fairer during winter. Was intrigued by the whole BB cream craze in Asia so decided to get one to try.

    This particular one is really grey and when I applied on my skin the colour is seriously so different fm my skin tone, looked grey and white! The coverage is pretty good especially for pores. But still a bit scared to use it because of the grey undertone. I will try your method by letting it sink in for 5 minutes before I do anything else. Also maybe it's important to start off with a tiny amount.

  19. Hi there. If u have a fairer skin tone, u can opt for Dr. Young 2p Blemish base BB cream as it's colour is less greyish, more suitable for fairer skin tone, better oil control and higher SPF (35++).