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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Best deal from Elianto

When it comes to cosmetic product it is always important to choose a product that not only benefits y0ur skin but does not in the other way harm or sensitive your skin. Many of us the bright consumer learn/ know that 1 of the way to choose a suitable facial product is go by its name, formula, or PRICE( the more expensive means the better as it has better formula).

Elianto is not something stranger to Malaysian beauty anymore as it has been in Malaysia over 4 years, and now everywhere it can be seen.
Elianto is a korean-malaysian based beauty company that its products range from head to toe such as eye shadow, mascara, lipgloss, body lotion- you name it they have it. Most importantly most of the products are made in KOREA as we know that koreans are renowned for their skin fairness and flawlessness and same to the reason why korean beauty products gain popularity in Asia recently, such as Arab Saudi, India, UAE, Philippine, Indonesia.

You may visit them at

What caught my attention is that not only Elianto is a product from Korea it is reasonably affordable and suitable for malaysian society. The price of the product ranges from RM10-50.
Recently i just bought a makeup remover (Cystal bright, with minerals and hydrating) which is only RM49, lip liner RM10,

Crystal bright by Elianto used for face, lip, eye remover

One of the reason i bought the makeup remover is that not only it removes the makeup on the face but also the eye, and lip. The sale person told me that it even can be used to remove dirt on our face- that can saves lotta time in removing make up after work + its price is economical, compared to cleansing oils like Shu Eumura. Besdes, it has a nice scent too.

First time use on the remover: its oil-based and it can significantly remove water-proof makeup, naming mascara and it also helps to hydrate my skin, making me feel fresh. I can feel the immediate relief on my skin once the makeup is being removed, no tight-skin-pulling feeling. However, this thing is greasy and felt as though your skin has been coated with a layer of oil. Thus, immediate cleansing with your regular cleanser is needed after use.
The lip liner is just ordinary, not something to brag about. But whats important is that it blends well with my lip color- of cos this varies with different skin texture and color. Unfortunately Elianto does not have a variety of color to choose, which is something they should look into. Maybe because they are made in Korea where people of their country are fairer. The lip liner comes in: pitch pink, sand pink, deep red, purple, oak brown, nude.

Lip liner pencil by Elianto. color:nude

Good news if you would like to try Elianto as they are now offering a good deal in courtesy of Elianto 4th anniversay. The offer includes buy3 free 1 or 10-30% discount on selected item, and a RM 1 ringgit deal as below
Hurry gals!!!

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