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Monday, August 10, 2009

Estee Lauder anti-cellulite gel on SALE

Who would like to see dimpled-skin, orange-like skin on our pretty little perky butts??? Sad to say, cellulite appears on places like buttocks and thighs REGARDLESS of age or body size. Even skinny model gets cellulite. That's why we need those precious anti-cellulite gel. Here i introduce this anti-cellulite gel from Estee Lauder -- which has clinical data showing a significant visible slimming effect around the thighs of up to 1 inch in just four weeks (click here).

Got this anti-cellulite gel from the same EL staff sale, which the price tag is still attached (see below picture). Since, i'm still using clarins's anti-cellulite gel, i'm letting this go at the

Price at RM 80 (retail price is RM 150 each).

Reviewed by the Total Beauty editorial team = 7.5

"This blue gel does a pretty good job of reducing the look of cellulite. The caffeine-rich Brazilian guarana seeds and Chinese black tea did seem to release "trapped fluid" (thighs looked tighter within an hour after application). It gets points for fat-burning conjugated linoleic acid and collagen-boosting peptides -- both can offer cumulative effects. But apply twice daily? Not with that medicinal smell. Oh, and the "thermogenic" cooling effect is great on a hot day but killer during cold winters."

Well what's your review? Guess you've gotta try this out. and RM 80 is darn cheap!!! Contact me through email at ya, awaiting to hear from you :)

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  1. Hello beauty, i like to refer to you as beauty. I sort of interested in buying estee lauder firming cream from you. How do i go from here? Is it still available?

  2. Hi there Sparkling Intan :) Just need to clarify, you're interested in the EL firmnig cream right? (link as below)

    Because you've left your comment under the EL anti-cellulite post. But anyhow, glad that you're interested. Kindly email me your full name, contact number and address to my gmail, then i'll reply you with my Maybank account number etc etc. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Any further enquiries, do contact me as well :)

  3. Beauty, i've sent you an email. pls check, thank you

  4. Email recieved, Sparkling Intan. Will send you my maybank account number and we shall follow up from there. Happy browsing :)