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Monday, December 14, 2009

Thermal Spa Water to quench your skin's thirst

Weather these few days were crazily HOT. And my office's air-cond is blasted to the max everyday. Being able to enjoy cooling environment @ such hot weather is a blessing, but the air-cond is getting it's way to my skin, causing DEHYDRATION!!! I'm sure most office ladies agree with me.

What can we do to counter this problem? We put on moisturizers, hydrating serums etc. For those who wears makeup, we carefully choose quality foundation with infused moisture e.g. Diorskin Nude Hydrating liquid foundation or Clinique's Supermoisture liquid foundation or Bobbi Brown's Luminous Moisturizng Foundation. But still, it's not enough for our skin the withstand the critically-dry condition at our offices.

It'll be too messy if i were to apply hydrating gel over my makeup during mid-day. Hence, i've chosen my best weapon - Thermal spa water mist :)
So what's the function of these Thermal Spa Water? Generally, the thermal water contains trace elements and mineral salts which are believed to be beneficial to your skin - Soothe & smooth your skin + Provides moisure. Most importantly it is very convenient to be used, just spray with a distance of 2 meters from your face, and voila, your skin is refreshed & moisturized :)

Well, there's a few brands who markets the almost similar water mist. I've shortlisted a few common brands, and made a price comparison between Guardian, Watsons and SASA:

1. Avène Thermal Spring Water
2. Uriage Thermal Water
3. Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
4. Vichy Thermal Spa Water

1st, i step into Guardian @ Mid Valley. And here's what i found:

Uriage 150ml - RM36.80

Uriage 3 x 300ml - RM106

Avene 50ml - 17.00 after 10% discount

Avene 150ml - 35.00 after 10% discount

Avene 2 x 300ml - RM106 free hand cream worth RM43

Vichy 50ml - RM17.90

Vichy 150ml - RM39.90
Evian 2 x 50ml - RM26.88

My CHOICE -- Being a newbie to the water mist, and seeing that all brands have their reputation in the market, i chose the size that can just nice to fit into my daily shoulder bag, with the value factor which is the most worthy one -- i chosed:
Evian 2 x 50ml pack, paid a happy RM26.90. One bottle to store in my office's drawer so that i can spray it on from time to time within grab. The 2nd bottle to be carried around in my bag, to be used whenever, wherever :)

Anyway, i made a price list of the Thermal water sprays sold in Watsons and SASA as below: This price list will be useful to you if you're eyeing at any of the Thermal Water spray yourself

Vichy 50ml - RM15.30 after 15% discount
Vichy 150ml RM34.00 after 15% discount
Avene 50ml - RM17.10 after 10% discount
Avene 150ml - RM35.10 after 10% discount
Avene 300ml - RM47.70 after 10% discount

Evian - 150ml RM37.00 after 5% discount
Evian 3 x 150ml - RM99 (NP RM117)
Evian 400ml - 56.90 after 5% discount
Avene 150ml - RM35.20 after 5% discount
Avene 2 x 300ml - RM106 free cold cream worth RM43


  1. My, the price list is very useful for me. Save me from running one shop to another for price comparison. Thanks beauty!

  2. What is this actually? Is to replace toner? Thanks

  3. @Lizzie: You're welcome, lady.

    @Candy: The thermal water is actually natural water from the deep mountain containing minerals & trace elements meant to soothe the skin. Not to replace the toner, but to add on throughout the day.

    E.g. after make up, under hot sun, during lunch break, while in office with air-cond etc. Just spray on and your skin will be refreshed and hydrated.