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Monday, December 28, 2009

My personal Anti-Cellulite Regime - SUCCEEDED

The end of year 2009 is reaching. I bet some of you girls had booked your fabulous holidays through the crazy airasia markdown discounts or the special offers by MAS airline. Beach holiday in Bali maybe? or Phuket? or locally @ Langkawi? Great choice ladies, as once in a while we need to get the sun shining on our skin.

So, what is there to prepare although the beach trip is few months away? What about those unsightly CELLULITES??? GRRrrrrrr. Don't matter if you're stick thin or Very Chubby, girls just tends to get cellulite especially at the thigh and buttocks area. Well i've found my very soloution AGAINST CELLULITES, and it worked for me.

Few essentials are needed:

1. Anti-cellulite Roller/Massager
2. Anti-cellulite Scrub (Exfoliation)
3. Anti-cellulite Gel/cream/ointment
4. Some extra tips from BeautyGuruGuru

Step ONE: Activate cutaneous micro-circulation with an Anti-cellulite Roller (Biotherm Celluli Roller @ RM90)
Introduction: The creation of Biotherm Anti-cullulite Roller is inspired by the massage techniques used by Physical therapists. On the roller, there's 4 rollers which mimics the action of professional finger tips, allowing customers to perfome professional home massage on targeted skin. By rolling the tool against your skin, it promotes microcirculations up to 80% and therefore increases drainage and elimates excess water which is the culprit of cellulites.
Application: As part of the Copmlete Bioteherm Anti-Cellulite Programne, before any application of gel/cream, i use this anti-cellulite roller on bare skin using the special technique as shown in the picture above.

Step TWO: Prepare skin to slimming care using Anti cellulite Scrub
(Biotherm Celluli Laser Scrub 200ml @ RM90)

Next, is preparing skin to accept slimming treatment using and EXFOLIATOR. This Biotherm Celluli Laser Scrub is consist of exfoliating mineral particles combined with micro-crystals in a formula to heats, smoothes and prepares the skin to receive the anti-cellulite treatment.

Application: The texture is thick, real thick, and i was told the thick texture is specially designed to help intensely massage the skin. It is meant to apply on dry skin, massage in a kneading way to targeted cellulite area and further induce micro-circulation. Upon massaging, i slowly feel the heat, mild heat compared to the Montagne Jeunesse Fudge Sauna Masque. After 5 minutes on massaging on each thigh, i hop into the shower to wash off the scrub.

Result: Instantly smoother skin, which is ready to recieve the anti-cellulite treatment.


Step THREE: Track Installed Cellulite using Anti-cellulite gel
(Biotherm Celluli Laser Biofibrine Gel) (200ml @ RM160)

Introduction: As this question may be still ringing in your head. What is cellulite? It is actually the term used to described the dimpled or orange-peel appearance on skin which is caused by deposition of fats just below the skin surface. Blame it on female's genetics, we tend to store more fat @ the subcutaneous skin layer compared to men, which increase the likeliness of forming cellulites.
Main ingredient of Biotherm Celluli Laser Biofibrine Gel:
- Biopeptides: Natural rice extracts used to facilitate production of new collagen fibres, helping skin regain a firm appearance.
- Carbo-cysteine: Helps to prevent the cause of dimpled skin by strengthening the elasticity of collagen fibres
- Pure Thermal Plankton - Owns good soothing wualities, making skin benefits from the natural essential trace minerals, mineral salts and proteins.
- Caffiene + Gingko + Cola Nut - Draining & decongesting properties of these three ingredients put fat cells on a "diet"
- Ginseng - Toning strength of the ginseng root activates skin's circulation

Application: A gel-form liquid in orange, easily absorbed through the skin with no eeky smell. I apply this RELIGIOUSLY in the morning before i go to work and at night before i go to bed. Application of gel only to my targetted area which is the thighs and buttocks with an upward strokes. Gave cooling sensation and fast absorption through skin without stickiness.

Proclaimed results: "10 DAYS: smoother skin and reduced look of stubborn cellulite.
30 DAYS: softened collagen fibres. Anchored cellulite is reduced: buttocks: 1cm; hips: 1.2cm; thighs: 1.5cm "


Step FOUR: Anti-cellulite Tips from BeautyGuruGuru

(a) Exercise!!!
For better results, i paired the anti-cellulite treatments with some essential exercises, best result seen with squats and lunges of legs. My execise tricks are easy, just bring your right leg to the front (lunging movement) while left leg is stretched behind. Hold this lunge for 10 seconds, and switch to the other leg.

(b) Stop wearing those oh-so-tight panties

(c) Drink plenty of water

(d) And those usual Doctor-advices - maintain balanced diet, quit smoking, exercise regularly etc etc etc



After the practising the above four steps religiously after 4 weeks, i see significant reduction of the appearance of dimpled skin on my thighs. I was satisfied with the result, and i my-oh-my, i can't wait to show off my butt in my newly bought bikini after this anti-cellulite treatment.

Words of Advise: You MUST perform all the steps above RELIGIOUSLY, CONTINUOSLY for AT LEAST four weeks to see the improvement. Never give up half way through, and always be patient as cellulites are TOUGH to removed. But with determination, you can do it, just like how i succeeded!


Step Five: (Additional) After srubbing and rolling and massaging, i fear my skin starts to loose it's firmness, hence i used the Estee Lauder Firming Creme (click here) to prevent my skin from sagging. (200ml @ RM180)
Lastly, if you find all these anti-cellulite products too costly, wait for my next post, sometime later for cheaper alternative which works similarly.


  1. I'm just wondering, i have sensitive skin, by using the Biotherm Celluli Laser Scrub on dry skin, do you think it'll cause redness or irritation? I'm a little worried since the scrub emit heats as well. Thanks.

  2. Oh, by the way, i like this post. Every step is stated in detailed. I would like to read more of these beauty tips from you :)

  3. @Phoenix: 1st of all, thanks for your compliment. I'm always delighted to hear that :)

    Answering your question, unless your skin is broken or bruised, i don't think the scrub itself will cause irritation due to the heat, as the heat is generally very mild. To ease your mind, you could hop in to any Biotherm counter to try it on your skin before you make any purchase :)

  4. Seriously, does it really work? I thought the only way of getting rif of cellulites are through exercises. I heard anti-cellulite gels not effective, it's just for psychological effect, i just heard...

  5. @Magnum Bar: Cellulites are one tough stuff, but through hard work, you can get rid of them, or at least, at the begining stage, make them fade. I tried this regime following the steps STRICTLY for one month and i saw the improvement already.

    No doubt, exercise helps alot on top of the gels. Give it a try, but obey the rules, you'll find yourself satisfied of the results :)

  6. It really does work, because i'm using the biotherm anti-cellulite gel as well. I add on with the night gel which is stronger. Price is near RM180, i don't remember the exact value. I'm a supporter of Biotherm by the way

  7. @Mei Chin: I've heard of the night gel too. But that was few months after i start using the above regime. From your experience, what extra benefit does the night gel do?

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  9. My advice in order to get rid of cellulite is that you should use some cellulite cream correlated with fitness and a balanced diet.

  10. @chase and Justin: Welcome to my blog :) and thanks for your useful advise :)