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Thursday, October 15, 2009

B-liv skincare at 30% off in SASA

Ladies, check this promotion out. Currently SASA is having promotion on b-liv skincare products by cellnique, offering discount at 30% off. It's rare to get a discount for this brand, and i do think it's a great opportunity to grab their star product:

B-liv "off with those heads" pro sebum gel"
Targeted skin type: Oily or prone to black heads/white heads

Function : Remove blackheads & whiteheads without going through traumatic extraction
Provide Oil Control
Minimise future whiteheads and etc

Main ingidients:

1. Tea Tree Oil
I'm sure these 3 magic words are no stranger to you as it is popular in working magic on acnes.

2. Witch Hazel Extract
This ingidient helps in oil control, reducing excess oil secretion and hence helps in minimizing open pore.

3. Aloe Vera Extract
Ever experience a cut on your external skin, having your grandma putting raw aloe vera on the cut? Yes? Then your grandma had foundt the secret remedy as aloe vera is proven in promoting wound healing, soothing your acnes. Additionally, aloe vera also have soothing and moisturizing properties, leaving your skin smooth and supple.

My personal experience:

This "off with those heads" sebum gel works wonders on my blackhead-full-nose. It's a clear liquid which is supposed to apply on targeted area, meaning blackhead/whitehead/acne prone areas. I only applied it on my nose, twice a day after my toner. Two weeks with this ritual practice, my blackheads are significantly lighthen. It didnt disappear 100% though, but its helps in preventing further blackheads, as i don't see them coming after i use the gel.

My judgement:

Totally recommended to those with stubborn blackhead prone skin! Grab it now since its 30% off. (normal price is RM139).

Promotion period: until 18th October only
Promotion location: All SASA outlet


  1. Thanks for the tip beauty, i've topped up my supply of this sebum gel, i swear on it in removing my ugly blackheads. It's good product

  2. i've set my eyes on this sebum gel for some time already. Always didn't buy it because it's too expensive. But now with 30% off, i shall run to sasa outlet today. Thanks for the tip Beauty Guruguru

  3. This product works mediocre for me. It worked for the 1st month, then it doesn't work anymore. Maybe its just me