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Monday, October 5, 2009

KILL Monday Blues with The Body Shop Complimentary products!

What's your solution in shoo-ing off MONDAY BLUES??? My personal solution is -- grabbing freebies!!! Here's how you can do it -- Step in to any Body Shop Outlet, and scoop a pot of "anything" for yourself :) It's a ALL-YOU-CAN-TRY-MONDAY!

Applicable to one pot (5ml) per customer only

Promotions applies to all skincare ranging from cleansers, toners, moisturizers to masks

OR dig in to those yummy looking body scrubs if you want to.

As for me, i'm new to Body Shop's skincare range. After consulting a sweet sales lady, i got myself a Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask suitable for normal/combination skin. According to the sales lady, this is the best mask for lazy bum bum like myself, as it not only deep cleanses, it also exfoliates and purify your skin.

Direction of use: After cleansing, dab dry your skin leaving it semi-dry. Apply a thin layer of Blue Corn Mask all over face, avoiding eye and lips area. I applied a little thicker on the oil-prone areas like my nose and cheeks.

Upon application, i felt a cooling sensation on my face, which felts good. After the mask settles in, roughly about 10 seconds, i started to feel a tingling sensation on my face, and then followed by a slight burning sensation (not to the level of pain). I guess this is normal as this Blue Corn mask meant to Deep Cleanse my face.

I was told to put on the mask for 15minutes. But as the clock ticks till the 7th minute, i got a little paranoid, as the burning sensation is still on. At the 8th minute, i made up my mind, better be not compliant towards the treatment rather than hurting my own skin yeah? Quickly i wash it off with cool water, and found in relieve that there's no red patches or any signs of irritation on my skin. Phew! What's left was a nicely exfoliated face :-D
I couldn't comment yet if there is a good product as the effectiveness couldn't be seen from one time use. I would continue use this, as i felt it really digged in to my skin and cleanse my pores deeply. Psychology? Maybe :p The mask are scented, so girls with sensitive skin, do be cautious k. What now? Mark your calander as you have a date with The Body Shop next Monday.

(Promotion period - unknown, most probably until end of October 2009)


  1. Hi beauty, any recommendation on body shop product?

  2. You can try Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Body Balm, i'm using this moisturizer for body and never want to try other brands already. Very moisturizing

  3. Girls, i'm a newbie in their skincare product, however, the body scubs are fabulous. You can try out their olive or papaya body scrub, leaves your smooth and non-sticky (compared to the older version of the papaya scrub).

    As for skincare, my friend who's a body-shop lover strongly recommends the Vitamin E cream cleanser. Suitable for sensitive skin, good at removing make up and cleanses your skin without stripping of the moisture. Well, you've gotta try it out and judge yourselves :)

  4. Can try also Strawberry body polish. It's a scrub that you can use daily. I think they put real starwberry seeds in the gel-like srcub, and the fragrance is extremely sweet and nice.