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Monday, October 5, 2009

TRI-AKTILINE 5ml sample for FREE!

Heard of this miracle anti-wrinkle filler? The advertisement of products of this brands have been hitting pages of magazines such as CLEO, The Women's Weekly, Female, Cosmopolitan etc. Booths of Tri-aktiline had been set up in hot areas like Mid Valley and at Guardian Outlets. It never hit me that this is a product worth to invest.

My 1st experience with Tri-aktiline was just yesterday. I was roaming around in 1 Utama, Ground Floor, Old wing. As i approach the information counter, i was stopped by a lady, who politely ask if i would like to try their anti-wrinkle product. I was like, What the heck?? I don't have wrinkle problems ok! As when i'm about to reject her, i saw their booth, combination of bright purple and yellow with bold black titles saying TRI-AKTILINE. Hmm.... thats the product which i was always curious with. So, what the hell, let's give it a try.

She did a mini-facial thing, removing my foundation, cleansing abit, and then apply on their eye cream "Eyliplex-2" which meant to tightens eye areas while reducing dark circles (neither a problem of mine ;p), then continued with the anti-wrinkle filler "TRI-AKTILINE" in a tapping motion on my smile-lines. Lastly, she applied their serum on my face "SMOOTH-365" which i forgotten what it is for ;p

Result on "Eyliplex-2":

Can't comment much on the "Eyliplex-2" on efficacy, just that the cream texture is a little thicker than my usual eye cream.

Result on "TRI-AKTILINE":

Almost imediately my smile lines are reduced, as promised :) I can compare the difference before and after, as the sales lady only apply the creams on right-half of my face. She told me that this wrinkle filler can be applied to crows feet at the eyes or forehead. She explained that this product is water-based, hence it would not cause oil seed nor clog pores.

Result on "SMOOTH-365":

Although i forgot what miracle will this serum do. I'm gonna buy it after i finish my current serum, as this SMOOTH-365 serum left my skin oh-so-smooth even after 3 hours. I got addicted in touching my own face once in a while as it became baby-skin-smooth. My target now is to do more research on this product to see if it's useful/suitable for me.

Anyhow, after the mini-facial thingy, the sales lady gave me a FREE 5ml TRI-AKTILINE to try on. Yippee! More freebies for myself :) Will do a review later on, when i start using it haha

The roadshow is in 1 Utama, ground floor, Old wing, Opposite the information counter.

Roadshow period aka free 5ml TRI-AKTILINE period ends on this Sunday 11th October.

2nd promotion - Buy two SMOOTH-365 serum and get the same serum worth RM60 for free. (Price for 50ml = RM165)

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