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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dior Cristal Boreal Lip Gloss Pendant - MUST HAVE!

What not to be missed? It's of course the Dior 2009 lengendary jewel design

"Cristal Boreal Lip Gloss Pendant".

It is a dazzling piece of pendant embedded with 52 fine pieces of the famour Swarovski Crystals, including 4 pieces of Aurore Boreale crystals - reflecting an iridescent gloss effect of pink shade *Bling Bling*

Good news is, it's available in Isetan KLCC now. Selling at a price of RM220 per pendant. Not too expensive i would say, for a quality piece of jewelry, yet not cheap either!!! But girl like me wouldn't say no to such beauty, isnt it? Upon slidding the pendant apart, reveals the high shimmer lipgloss, which is available in two colours - pink or silver. Guess what? I bought both of them :p

One for myself, one for my mommy (special request for the sales lady to wrap them up)

Additional promotion: I purchased the two of the RM200 voucher, fully redeemable against the Pendant and got myeslf two complimentary Potrait Illustration using Pencil which is valid only from 19th - 25th October 09 at Isetan KLCC.

Well, Nope, i'm not gonna post my potrait up here :p But if you do purchase the voucher, look for one of the two artist named Genesis Lau. Excellent art work he created, made my eyes sparkle and all open-ed up. He gave me his namecard too:

Front and back of Genesis Lau's name card

Oh, not forgeting the complimentary perfume miniature given to me with the purchase of the Pendants :) Totally love Jadore!

Lastly, I got myself the complimentary Hydra Action skincare set with purchase of RM600 and above. Aaahhhh~~~ What an enjoyable week :)


  1. The Dior pendant is so attractive!!! The embedded Crystals by Sawvorski made it look so classy

  2. so niceeeeee i am so tempted to buy ., not sure if still got stock

  3. Yeah, it's pricey... but... it's definitely worth the money! Girls you should go grab them fast. The sales lady in isetan KLCC told me so far the stock is only available in klcc, they're not sure if the company is bringing in more of the pendants. But not to worry, there are still stocks available in isetan KLCC right now

  4. How i wish i own that precious pendant. However, i'm tight on budget now. You're so lucky Beauty guruguru

  5. I dont have much money left, cannot buy need save it for pay bill and food.

  6. Well, i've gotta say i'm happy with this purchase myself :) But no worries girls, you can now start saving for next year's summer edition jewelry. Hopefully it'll be a nice and valuable piece too

  7. this is great opportunity for me to pay for the best pendant because i have not seen yet like this beauty of pendants