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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend haul - STILA at cheap price

What's the best thing to do on a lazy Sunday? SHOPPING of course!!! Great-bargain-radar activated:

Location: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Date : 15 Oct - 19 Oct

Time : 10am - 10pm

What good deals to look out for? STILA cosmetics of course!!!

So glad i walked inside the hall this morning :) Stila cosmetics were packed in sealed clear plastic bags, each bag contains at least 5 items ranging from eye liner, eye shadow, smudge pots, lip stick, lip gloss, lip glaze to angel white foundation refill, compact foundation casing, push-up blushers, liquid foundation, stick foundation, liquid concealer, stick concealer etc etc.

Each bag selling at RM96.... That was yesterday's price. It's selling at RM59 each bag now!!
It's good deal i know, but i only grabbed one bag for my own use as the foundation/concealers are all the leftovers darker shades and i had a hard time trying to peek through the plastic bag to look for the expiry date. Well, here's my STILA haul:

Stila Rouge Pots, Cheek mousse, colour = Sweet Pea (Normal price RM90)

Stila Lip Shimmer, IT Gloss, colour = smashing (Normal price RM90)

Stila Perfecting Concealer, shade k (Normal price = RM80)

Stila Lip Shimmer, IT Gloss, colour = Humorous (Normal price RM90)

Stila Glitter eye liner (Normal price = RM65)


  1. have u check the manufacturing date before purchasing , heard a lot of old and expired items

  2. OH MY GOD!!! I hope there's still some left for me!!!

  3. Nice to see, nice to touch, even early manufacturing date cant stop me from buying stila for the last time *syiok sendiri*

  4. Gal frens, my personal opinion. The stila's manufacturing date is quite early - 2005 or 2006. I bought a bag mostly on lip products anyhow. Since it is on the lips, it wouldn't cos pimple outbreak or pore enlargement, so i don't give a damn provided the lip gloss doesn't cake or harden or turn colour. Nothing happened to my lips anyway.
    Hope this tip is useful

  5. The last promotion before Stila officially shut out from Malaysia was buy 5 for rm50. It's cheaper than this current MJ Promotion and customers get to choose colors and look out for their manufacturing date.

    Liquid cosmetic items have a short lifespan of 1-3 years. If you say u don't give a dam as long as pimple/pore don't breakout from your lips, that's the least of your problems then.

    Chemical compounds changes by time, imagine if you are applying a 5 year old liquid on your lips. Some of the chemical might also get into your digestive systems. A small amount would not cause harm though but a good shopper/cosmetic beauty user knows giving a dam about their cosmetics means something.

  6. Hence, i quote "my personal opinion"... Suprised that some ppl get hyped up about this...
    Well, chemicals are chemicals, ingest a freshly-manufactured chemical, or ingest some 10 years ago expired chemicals, aren't they still chemicals which are harmful to one's digestive system.
    Imagine girl-M drinking hydrogen peroxide manufactured 2009 and girl-L drinking hydrogen peroxide manufactured 1999... I wonder who dies faster...
    Anyhow, i'm still healthy and kicking (fingers crossed) Smart gals out there, make your own judgement!
    oh ya p/s: i'm not a "cosmetic beauty user" whatever that means...
    PEACE! :)

  7. that's true. It was really a good catch!

  8. Dear Beauty guru, heard there's a Dior Xmas Party for invited guess only yesterday. Did you attend?