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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Acne-Killing secret weapon - Ettusais

Ever wake up in the morning and find a BIG zit on your face? Worse, it's your presentation day!!?! Wel, ever since i've found my secret weapon, this morning-after trauma doesn't happen to me anymore, er.... or maybe less frequently.

Night time comes, i double-cleanse my face, tone, apply serum, moisturizer etc, then as i pullout my secret weapon, my boyfriend starts his nagging session... "Powder again??? Morning i see you applying powder, noon time re-apply powder, night time now, another powder??? We're not going out, are we?" Well, you heard him, my secret weapon is indeed, a powder to be applied at night!
Ta Daa~~~ The award-winning, ever famous in Japan --- Ettusais Night Time Defense Powder is my secret weapon! How it works?

"A medicated skincare powder that protects your skin from pimples and roughness all night long. The ultra fine powder particles lock moisture in the skin's keratin layer while smoothening out rough skin. Greet each day with fresh and oh-so-smooth skin!"

The powder is white in colour just like your talc powder for body. It is ultra fine and soft. After application, my face instanty feel smooth and refreshed, regardless of how many creams/serum i've applied before that. This baby-smooth-skin last until the next morning when i wake up. You know how drying it could be, sleeping in an air-cond room. This powder answers my problem to that as it also locks moisture in your skin.

Besides, it also absorbs excess oil and sebum produce during sleep to help prevent pimple outbreak. Don't need to worry about pore-clogging issues as the powder is oil-free, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

I can now sleep with baby smooth skin, and wake up to a non-greasy, fresh face :)
p/s: Ettusais Night Time Defense powder - Price = RM 90, available at Isetan KLCC, Isetan The Gardens and Isetan Lot 10


  1. That's a great tip, i can opt for this item to redeem for my Ettusais workshop in Isetan tmr

  2. I just bought it yesterday~
    the puff are so soft.. love it so much!

  3. Oh ya, i forgot to write that down too, about the super softness of the puffer. Butter girl, i'm in love with their puff also, super soft :) You should check out their day powder too, ultra fine with the same soft puff :)

  4. i still have so many other skin care n cosmetics havnt finish yet.. will switch my whole skin care product to ettusais soon...
    thx for the info... =)

  5. LoL i guess all girls have the same problem as you. Seems like i never manage to finish one product till the very last drop, because i'll be too eager to buy new ones already :p

  6. is that like a skin care product ? i'm tempting to try but i scared the powder will dehydrate my skin ...will it ? hehehe....

  7. Yeap, when i bought the powder, the sales assistant stressed that it is considered as skin care product, hence don't need to cleanse with make up remover the next morning. I had been using this powder for few months, it doesn't dry up my skin. Instead, it helps me absorb excess oil secretion throughout the night.

    My skin is combination, hence its ok for me. If your skin is dry, you should consult the sales assistant then :)

  8. Hi Beutygurugur, thanks for the tip. I bought this powder yesterday and try out already. Really make my skin soft and oil free

  9. hi, where to buy ettusais product in kl??

  10. Hi there, you can get ettusais products only from ISETAN @ KLCC or Mid Valley or LOT 10.