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Thursday, January 28, 2010

50% discount for Rosken Cream

OMG!!!! You've gotta be kidding me!!!!!
I flipped the newspaper today i guess what i saw???
at Robinsons????
This is so ironic!! I just bought two bottles of the exact same cream from the exact same location yesterday, with only 30% discount..... sob sob sob
Well, it's ok, at least i still can notify my follwers regarding this super good deal.
However, this promotion only valids in Robinsons on 29-Jan-2010 (although there's a printing error stating 29-Jan-2009), from 9am - 12pm ONLY. So, wake up early girls, i'll be at work while you guys are busy shopping :( Have fun!!


  1. Or MAYBE! It's a loooooooooooong overdue flyer! XD

  2. Sooobbbb i wish it was!!!! Sakit hati seeing the greater offer. SOB!!! Robinsons cheated me boo hoooo hooo

  3. it's like buying stocks...*shivers* you never know what comes next....I had that experience once...I bought my laptop for RM 3.5k (My MONEY!! T__T), and ASUS F6V series cause a Mac was out of my budget....after a week I saw a Mac with awesome specs (as in the specs that you get by paying RM4-5k) AT MY LAPTOP PRICE! I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....

    Oh and did I mention I got my laptop at a PC fair! OH MY GOOOSH!! Buut then again I had a presentation competition that week (last year....goosh I miss school)so I guess it was fate...

    why? WHYYY?! (thunder and lightning)

    nope...not helping XD

  4. Lol, you're such an expressive cheery girl :)
    This is the joke irony plays on us from time to time. It'll leave my brain popping out a lot of WHY??? and IF ONLY I KNEW..... and I SHOULD HAVE...... Grrrrrrr