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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

FREE Shu Uemura skincare sample by presenting Citibank Credit Card

Hey you, Citibank Credit card users, You can now get a complimentary skincare routine sample of the new Depsea Hydrability Range when you present your Citibank Credit Card !

On top of that, if you purchase RM350 or more, you're entitled for a Free Travel Bag from Citibank and a 5-piece travel set from Shu Uemura worth RM133.


On the other hand, check out Shu Uemura Promotion with Parkson:


  1. actually, it said citibank cardmembers..

    I don't have a citibank credit card.. only the light blue colored Visa Debit card.. so debit card very important to me.


  2. A reason to get a credit card perhaps? Noooooooooooooooooooo!! tempting plastic!! T__T

  3. No problemo, ladies nowadays are independant, filled with self-control and self-discipl.... Is that Zara sales?????? OMG!!! Erm, i meant self-discipline....

    Hehehe no harm getting one if you master at SELF-CONTROL!!

  4. Do they have a course for that? O.o I don't mind studying for an MBA

  5. Oh... Me too, how i wish i own a citibank credit card now

  6. @Teenager: IF there is such course, it'll be banned by the Economy experts since Ladies' money is the easiet to earn!!! LoL

    @Chee: Don't be sad girl, because the samples are already finished :( I tried to redeem today, i know i'm slow ;p but its all given out d, sad sad