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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dr. Young BB Cream

Girls, I bet you're now familiar with Dr. G Hydra Intensive BB cream. The Korean company did not stop right there, they came out with two newer range of BB cream:

1. Dr. G Luxury EGF BB cream SPF 15 (45ml @ RM 105)

Other than the general BB cream properties which is sun-protection, make-up base & foundation, this BB cream has added whitening and anti-aging properties.

The ingredients:

  • Arbutin: suppress the formation of melanin

  • Adenosine: improves blood circulation and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Allantoin: boosts cell renewal and hydrates skin

  • Tocopheryl Acetate: provides anti-oxidant and hydrating properties

  • Portulaca Oleracea Extract: provides soothing and anti-allergy properties

  • Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide: blocks UV rays and whitens skin

Who uses this?
This BB cream is stated as "suitable for all skin type".

The colour and texture of the cream is similar to that of Dr. G Hydra Intensive BB cream, just that it does lesser in oil-control. Hence i would recommend this BB cream to ladies with mature skin or slightly on the dry side. If you are aged 25 years or above and have slightly dry skin, i would recommend you to use this because of it's anti-aging and whitening properties. Aging process starts as early as age 25, hence it's never too early to protect your skin from aging signs.

I have a friend who's using this BB cream, she is 28 years old, working lady and have combination skin, oily T-zone and general dry skin.

Coverage is comparable to Dr. G Hydra Intensive, considered medium-coverage. The coverage last whole day long until 5pm after work, after which, my T-zone starts to get oily. But with a little touch up, i look fine again.

2. Dr. Young 2p BB cream SPF 35 PA++ (60ml @ RM95)
As for this BB cream, besides the sun screen protection, make=up base and foundation, it has added detoxifying, hydrating and nourishing properties.

The Ingredients:

  • Alps Glacial Water: hydrates, detoxifies and tightens skin

  • CSTM: provides soothing and anti-oxidant properties

  • Cactus Extract: provides hydrating, soothing and anti-oxidant properties

  • Phyto-Oligo: hydrates, calms and soothes skin

  • Ceramide 3 and Shea Butter: hydrates, soothes, nourishes and calms skin

  • Grapefruit Peel Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract: hydrates and calms skin

  • Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide: blocks UV rays and whitens skin

Who uses this?
This BB cream is stated as "suitable for all skin type".

The texture is similar to the two other Dr. G BB creams, however, the colour is lighther compared to the other two. Hence if you've tried Dr. G Hydra Intensive and found the colour turn greyish on your skin, you can opt to give Dr. Young a try.

Plus, if your skin tone is yellow, Dr. Young adds a little pink radiance to your skin. But beware if you have very yellow skin, as this will create contrast of your face (pink) and your neck (yellow). TIP: If you have yellow skin tone and still love Dr. Young, no problem, just opt for a loose powder which is yellow tone, similar to your skin colour. This will then even out the contrast :)

The added advantage of Dr. Young is the higher SPF i.e. SPF 35 PA++ compared to Dr. G Hydra Intensive SPF35++ and Dr. G Luxury SPF 15. Other than that, Dr. Young has better oil control properties compared to the other two. Hence, suitable for oily skin girls especially at the T-zone area.

Coverage wise, it's medium to full. From my opinion, the coverage is better compared to the other two Dr. G BB cream.

Good news to you girls who are eager to try on Dr. Young BB cream, as SASA has bring in the new 30ml pack size of Dr. Young, selling @ RM49.


  1. Hello Beauty guru guru, i'm 29 years old, fair skin, i have oily T-zone, but i'm also worried of wrinkle appearance. All 3 BB cream sounds good, can you please recommend me something?

  2. @Chee: Judging from your oily T-zone and fair skin, i would suggest you use Dr. Young because Dr. Young has better oil control and the colour is lighther compared to the other two. To be sure, you can always drop by SASA to try it out.
    For your wrinkle concern, you can opt to use skincare to treat that problem then.

  3. I'm using Dr. Young currently, allow me to make a little comment. I agree that Dr. Young does better in oil control compared to Dr. G, but until evening, my face oil will start to appear. Hence i always need to blot away the oil during evening time.
    Other than that, Dr. Young suits me perfectly

  4. Thanks for the useful tips

  5. Dear beauty, i went to sasa and tried Dr. Young and Dr. G as you've suggested. I picked Dr Young in the end because the colour suits my skin better. Dr. G was a little greyish on my skin. Anyhow,I hope Dr. Young will suits me in long run. Thanks beauty for your tips

  6. Do agree that Dr. Young's colour is lighther, and it adds a little pink glow to your face. That's why i've decided to buy that after i finish by Dr. G.

    And no problem on the tips ladies :)

  7. Hey Beauty Guru,
    Have u try Bio-Magic BB cream?
    It's kind of expensive, so I want to know the feedback & whether it is suitable for oily skin. tkx!

  8. Good day Beauty Guru. I have a problem using DR. Young BB Cream, not sure if only happen to me. After i apply BB cream, few hours later, it will appear a crack line on my laugh line. It's quite irritating because i have to blend it using my finger from time to time to cover the crack. Does that happen to you also?

  9. Dear anonymous, i have not tried Bio-Magic BB cream yet, hence no comment...

  10. Dear Amy, Good day to you too. I have not tried Dr. Young yet as i'm still using Dr. G. However, the problem you mentioned, i've experienced that before. The BB cream will tend to dry up at my laugh line leaving a visilble line.

    I found a solution to that by using TRI-AKTILINE, a Instant Deep Wrinkle filler. I apply it after washing my face by tapping motion and before toner, follow by my regular skin care routine, then lastly BB cream. With Tri-aktiline, the "crack line" will not appear at my laugh line anymore.

    You can give it a try. More info from my previous post

  11. hello,
    does anyone know if Dr. Young's produces are cruelty free? i've been trying to find out but can't find their website in English.