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Monday, January 11, 2010

Clinique FREE 5ml sample of Youth Surge Night moisturizer

Thanks to Shopping N Sales, i charged towards Clinique Counter @ 1 Utama and got myself the Free Sample of Clinique's new skincare - Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer. Quoting from Clinique website:

"Building on Sirtuin technology, Clinique science uses youth-extending agents to create a nightly moisturizer that helps intensify the nightly cycle of natural repair. Plumped with natural collagen, lines and wrinkles appear to evaporate. Skin gains that energized "8-hour effect" come morning."

Happily i step into Clinique counter @ metrojaya, Mid Valley without any newspaper cutting/e-voucher yesterday (Sunday). I voice to the sales girls that i'm interested with the new Youth Surge Night moisturizer. She gladly explained to me about the product, what is it for, suitable for which skin type etc etc. When i asked for a sample in the end, she gladly hand me over the 5ml sample and asked me to fill up a simple form.

And poof! I went back with my FREEBIE :)

Will use it once i finish my previous Night Cream


  1. Free sample! How i wish i have one? Have you tried using it? I'm interested with this new product

  2. @Chee: You could drop by the clnique counters and ask for one yourself! The free sample promo is still on :) I have not tried that, as the sales assistance said its not suitable for my skin. I'm planning to give to my mom. But hurry and grab yours!

  3. Dropping by to say thanks, beauty guru, i saw your blog post and i hurried to mid valley jusco and got myself the free sample *happy*

  4. Hi beauty! I got my free sample already, just approach the sale lady and ask her about youth surge, she let me try the free sample. Thank you for sharing this info