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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

(Updated) Robinsons Sale for the Year of Tiger

This is what i've gotten from the Robinsons CNY sale:
Rosken Whitening & Firming Cream x 2 worth RM36.80 each.
It's now on 20% sale, with Robinsons Member Card, its 30% off!
Original price = RM 73.60
I paid RM 52.53 for 2 bottles, Saved a total of RM22.10 :)

Check out Robinsons Sale for the Year of Tiger:

Exclusive Robinsons Member card holder discounts valid on 26th & 27th Jan 2010.

I noticed the Avene Thermal Spring water is on Buy 1 Free 1 promo, i'm gonna get this one for sure. On top of that, 30% discount on Rosken Products sounds good, i'll KIV that too.


  1. me too me too , i oso go for the Avene Thermal Spring water !!!! hehe^^ mayb we wil meet but dunno each other ^^

  2. noooooooooooooooooooo!!! KL faaaaaaaaaar!! (I'm just lazy to go so far =S) eh, the thermal spring water, buy for me too! XD hahaha....

  3. Hehe, i've gone and came back. But i've kept good discipline of myself, and bought the only thing i planned to buy - Rosken Whitening and firming cream :) Claps for myself?? ;p

  4. you're one step closer to that Masters in Self Discipline in Shopping! XD

  5. LoL!!! Don't say out loud, the merchandisers will hate me for being so self-disciplined!!!

  6. good point...but then again, you could add it into your resume and you'll be a general manager of the company's Financial Handling & Company Spending Department in no time!!

    If there is such a department that is O.o that would be soooo cool! They'll pay you...TO SHOP! (cheaply of course) XD