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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cutesy Bags - Sense of Nature

I was just roaming around in Isetan, The Gardens last Sunday, and i bumped into these cute 3D bags which mimics real-life items to make into ladies handbags. It was available in The Gallery, 2F. The brand was called Sense of Nature.
Price range per bag was from RM150 - RM364. Feast your eyes with pictures of few of the cute bags i saw.
Discount offered:
Buy 1st piece at normal price,
Buy 2nd piece at 20% off


  1. LOL! They're so cute! Though not something I would bring out with me on a daily basis O.o

  2. The designers are creative, every piece looks unique and nice. But i think i won't own one, oops ;p

  3. Hehehe, that was what i thought initially -- CUTE!!! but to buy? don't think so...

  4. they should like put on signs saying "for your viewing pleasure" XD

  5. Hahaha, i'm sure everyone will be excited to see such rare and unique bag ;p Maybe you as the guinea pig?? ;p

  6. *points at price range* You'll have to wait till I get a high paying job XD Petrol has already killed my wallet T__T