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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pampering myself with Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Set

Alrighty, if you've seen my previous post about Crabtree & Evelyn promotion with HSBC and CitiBank Credit Card, this is my haul from the promotion:

1. DUO set - one Bath & Shower Gel 200ml + one Body lotion 200ml
Original gift set price = RM120.
With HSBC credit card, you pay RM96
With Citibank credit card, you pay RM80!!!
With Citibank credit card, i paid RM80 for the Lavender Duo Set, saved a good amount of RM40!
I chosed Lavender because it is known that Lavender have soothing and calming properties. Afterall, after a tiring long day of work, i would definitely want to come home to a relaxing bath, pamper myself a little before i jump into my bed.

Both the shower gel and the lotion bottle is made from clear plastic. The shower gel fluidity is medium, not too concentrated, not too diluted either. The 1st thing you realise once you unscrew the cap a little, is the aromatic fragrance of the Lavender. The scent is fresh, very calming, not too pungent, just enough to refresh my mind instantly. The lavender scent becomes more apparent as i rub into my skin with a shower sponge, made me felt relaxed and almost sleepy, maybe it's because of the hot steam from the shower head ;p I felt relaxed after the shower, and it left a light sweet scent on my skin. Whether it leaves my skin smooth or not, the effect was not too prominent to notice.
As for the Lavender lotion, the scent is just like the shower gel, subtle and not overpowering. The lotion texture is light, easily applied and manage to hydrate and smooth my skin immediately. I like especially the scent it left on my skin :) However, the calming effect lingers longer in certain people: Quoted from my sister "Don't use this lavender lotion, as the scent is too calming, you'll tend to NOT wake up the next morning!". Well.... that's her peronsal opinion. I think it's just her lazy-gene making her sleepy LoL!

Next, i bought this Lavender Hand Therapy set too:
2. MINI HAND THERAPY SAMPLER set - Hand Therapy 25ml x 3
Original gift set price = RM75
With HSBC credit card, you pay RM60
With Citibank credit card, you pay RM45!!!
I paid RM45 for this Hand Therapy Sampler set, saved me RM30!

Don't need to describe more on the scent as it is the same as the shower gel and the hand & body lotion. Texture wise, it's a little thicker than the Hand & Body Lotion, but Never too oily. The fact i love most about this hand cream is the size - small and easy to be carried around. It fits into my cosmetic bag which i bring everywhere i go. The next best thing is, other than providing moisture to my hand, the Lavender scent actually refreshes me in between work time. It comes in really handy to me :)


  1. Bravo Beauty guru! You've made a RM70 savings in total

  2. @Chee: Thats the way to do it uh-huh uh-huh ;p