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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FREEBIE from Clinique - 7ml Youth Surge Night moisturizer

Girls nowadays are charging towards optimum skincare and beauty regimen. These beauty rituals are important especially night time, when you go to sleep & your skin starts its self-reparing process. Clinique has introduced it's newest skincare product "Youth Surge Night" - It is an Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer which helps defeat lines & wrinkles while you're resting at dreamland.

Some Dermatology experts says that anti-aging should be done as early as age twenties, that is the time when skin aging starts. Unsure whether you need anti-aging skincare regimen? Clinique helps you out by giving you a clue after a short quiz:

CLICK HERE for the link:

Most importantly, you can TRY OUT the new Youth Surge Night moisturizer as Clinique is giving out FREE sample of the 7ml moisturizer upon Expert Consultation:


Just click on the link here, fill up your simple details, an e-voucher will be sent to you.

Note: Redemption valid from 25th - 31st Jan 2010, while stocks last.


  1. It's hard for me (although I think 18 is a good age to use anti-aging products) because I have a baby face and I'm short T__T the last time I went there for a free sample the consultant was starring at me with the "what in the world is a little girl doing at a Clinique counter?" expression T__T

  2. LoL poor thing, but i would agree very much with the sales lady hahaha. BUT, it's a blessing in disguise. You're YOUNG and enjoying life to the MAX! Anti-aging is costing me a lot, but that is a problem for you to worry about SEVEN years later hahaha

  3. OH! another Free Thing!!! 2nd on my list now